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Polyline Pro

11 votes

Ghostly trail

3 votes

Ghostly trail is a tool for creating static copies of emerging from the animated objects in the scene


2 votes

I'm working on a mailscript in my spare time.
I have figured out how to send mail
This is not yet with a ui, but this is a function you can use in your scripts. This is written with dotnet and maxscript.

Multi-Assign Scripted Billboard Controller

10 votes

"Seeing as the Look-At controller can't be scripted. I whipped this little utility up to multi-assign hundreds items to look-at a target node. Useful for trees. crowds. you know the drill...
1.01 Update:

  • Improved effeciency of and debugged dependsOn in assigned scripts: rotation now updates correctly when script-assigned objects move.
  • Added tooltips.
  • "

    V-Ray Proxy Tools

    14 votes

    This is a very simple tool for controling the display of proxys in your scene. It is quite useful on large scenes with a great deal of proxys. 



    Scale Populate Crowd Skin

    0 votes



    This tool will allow you to scaling populate people and simulate it in one click.

    Copy/Paste Skin Modifier via Max Script

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    I recently discovered that copying a skin modifier via maxscript (using addmodifier) doesn't set the weights correctly, so I wrote a function to transfer the weights from one mesh to another. (they need to have the same topology though)
    Some other scripts out there won't work because at some point autodesk decided to change the way that the skin's bone table is indexed, and they would need a lookup table with the bone names to convert the old index to the new one. *sight It seems I fixed it.

    3DS max easy windows plug-in

    12 votes

    This is my first script in 3D Max. I wrote it for my own purpose to speed up modelling of the most boring things in architectural visualisations. Windows and doors. This script helps to make simple windows and doors with divisions of your own need. Just place a box as a symbol of a door or a window and imagine that the segments of this box are the divisions of your window or door.

    Book Rigger

    162 votes



    Book Rigger is the "one click" Page Turn solution for 3ds Max.

    With Book Rigger it is extremely easy to make complex and accurate page and book animations inside 3ds Max in a few minutes if not seconds.







    Main Features:


    4 votes

    Supported Face (3 sub-object) in Edit / Editable Mesh.
    Стал поддерживаться Face (3 подобъект) в Edit/Editable Mesh.
    Full refactoring code. Hide and Unhide all works on single comand.
    Полностью переработан код. Скрыть и открыть всё работает по единой команде.

    Works on objects, selection objects and subojects

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