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Moved to github

The project Totex has been moved to gihub so community development is easier

New Version 3.0

"ToTex" is a render to texture script that gives you the ability to quickly bake multiple textures to a folder. ToTex will start baking all the selected objects with the chose selections and will save it to the specified folder

New features (3.0):


- Stability : Bigest issue with ToTex 2.0 was the stability. The ToTex engine is recreated for stronger stability, focussed on high speed expanding.
- Improved User Interface : More compact and focussed on usability
- Auto-Update functionality : Get directly the new features
- New maps in development : xNormal, instant preview and photoshop connection.


New features (2.4):

- new improved UI: much more clear design with thumbs
- Element map now works!

New features (2.3):

- Improved UI: a lot more compact design, better overview and more dynamic system
- Expert Mode: press on the *-button at the top, this will show all the maps of totex, you can easily toggle this on and off

New features (2.2):

- Max Merge: Merge a max file when baking, for embedding complex lightscenes, after the bake ToTex go back to your start state
- Render Preset: Override the renderpresets when baking with ToTex, you can choose between three RPS files that you can override to your own render settings.

New features (2.1):

- Preview : with realtime directX shader (Xoliul shader -
- Light Trace Ambient Occlusion
- Gradient Map
- Mask Map
- For Each Material ID
- Selection Bake : Bake only the selected faces

Material ID Masks was partly based on a script of Koen Samyn, it's been optimized for faster and better rendering with ToTex.


Additional Info: 

- UI Interactivity - Hover graphics, Tooltips
- UI : "+"-sign left mouse click
- Updated Grad Top Down
- Confiugration Added : MaxMerge, Render Preset
- Improved Auto Update Installer
- Added Thumb View
- Styling Layout
- Color schemes improved

09 / 02 / 2011 - Adding Element Map System
01 / 02 / 2011 - Added Thumbview / Listview system
30 / 12 / 2010 - Expert Mode
30 / 12 / 2010 - Resolution Slider
29 / 12 / 2010 - Update UI Interface
25 / 12 / 2010 - Max Merge system
25 / 12 / 2010 - Render Preset system
23 / 12 / 2010 - Fixed For each material ID
22 / 12 / 2010 - Selected faces Bake
21 / 12 / 2010 - Added Bake "For each Material ID"
10 / 12 / 2010 - Dialog Position is now saved
14 / 12 / 2010 - Preview Object System with Xoliul shader and standard material
15 / 12 / 2010 - Normal maps will be putted in normal slot
17 / 12 / 2010 - Cache system for preview objec

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2009 - 2010 - 2011
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snailspeed's picture

An odd problem

I'm coming up against an odd problem when using this script. I don't know if the problem is with my setting or the script itself, but I thought I'd bring it up should anyone else be coming up against it.

When the script is launched, it appears in the centre of the screen. If I use it where it is, I can use it. If I move the window to another position I cannot interact with it. The mouse icon turns to the one which appears when you hover over the tab on a tool bar (the one you can grab to move the toolbar off the main bar). Then, I can only move it around. I cannot click any of the buttons at all, just grab it and move the window about.

The odd thing is, if I move it back to its original position, It will work properly again. Even stranger, if I move only part of the interface back into the area that window originally occupied, I can interact with that part, but not the rest! Does that make sense?

As work around, I found I can move 3dsmax onto my second monitor, launch the script and then move the window back onto my first monitor. That I can still use it witout it blocking my screen. Again, providing I don't move it.

I'll try and work out what it could be at my end, but in case someone thinks it could be the script somehow, i'm using 3DS Max 2010 64bit on Windows 7. If you need more details, or if anyone can offer a clue as to what could cause it, let me know. Cos I really want to use this script ;).

Svennovich's picture

New version 1.8.. normally

New version 1.8.. normally solved the bug that occured in max 2009.
Also in the settings panel you can adjust Spread for Ambient Occlusion (Mental Ray).
also new Installer build with MSPM - MaxScript Project Manager (my 2nd tool)

More requests more then welcome.

Svennovich's picture

Ow, I did not test ToTex in

Ow, I did not test ToTex in max 2009, I'll update a new version this week. and try to anticipate something on this error. Thanks for saying

kurt_hectic's picture

on max 2009 i always have an

on max 2009 i always have an error on line 183 : "destroyDialog gTextureBakeDialog"



Svennovich's picture

ToTex v1.7 new feature for

ToTex v1.7 new feature for timeline render

Main feature added, "render total timeline" this will render out every frame on the timeline, these renders you can use as an image sequence in other applications. This way you have a lot of more control not only for static texture but also in animations. Perfect for blocking out or saving render time.

fixed some list problems when you edited the maplist from settings.

hope you like it :) any more suggestions let me know.

Svennovich's picture

ToTex v1.6 release, some new

ToTex v1.6 release, some new features.

So the main new feature in this new version is that you now can Customize the mapList of Totex, to optimize it to your own workflow. In the settings panel you can check what map you want and don't want to use in ToTex, for example if you never use Heightmap it will not show in the ToTex list. This way you keep the maplist short enough to keep everything better organized.
(and i will add more maps to ToTex, so the list will be too long in the future)

'Vertex Color' map is also added in ToTex (request from Snppls, thanks for the suggestion)

Also Installation problems are fixed, it now checks on a version txt file in the mzpTmp folder, this way it won't use old ToTex files.

edit: placed a new version, their was a small error with the docking states (it was possible to dock toTex on the top and bottom, so i disabled it again)
Hope you like this :)

any more suggestions more than welcome, i'm happy to implement these in ToTex!

Suzume's picture

Snppls: Try to set the

Try to set the self-illumination value to maximum. This should couter-act/override any lighting information coming in from external light sources.

Snppls's picture

I'm sorry Vertex color maps

I'm sorry

Vertex color maps are pretty much just the vertex colors rendered out, it's useful for when you need vertex colors but when the engine doesn't support it.
Right now I'm using them for a shader where the color controls vertex displacement.

The way to do it right now in Max is using vertex color in the diffuse map slot, then render to texture as a diffuse map. I've gotten it to work before but now everytime I try it again it renders it with the scene's lighting, even if there's none except the default.

Suzume's picture

Ok, mail has been sent to

Ok, mail has been sent to you. I'm on 3dsmax 2010 64-bit. In the meantime I'll play around with the R2T settings, thx. :)

So we two had a look at the issue I had and I think we can conclude these had nothing to do with ToTex. A combination of geometry-detail/texelspace and too low resolution settings caused the artifacting.

I appreciate your support and will recommend your script to anyone who needs to render geometry information into textures. It's a real time-saver.

Svennovich's picture

i'm trying to get the same

i'm trying to get the same render errors that you have but with me i don't have any problems.
You can also test with "send R2T", this way everything stays in max dialogs and you can render it out from there, if there is still a problem it is something with your render settings.

What version of max are you using?
if you want send me the maxfile i'm happy to help (msn: [email protected])

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