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Nikolay Litvinov

v1.13 Fixed isolate layer by Esc+ScriptHotkey

Works on objects, selection objects and subojects

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install: drop to viewport

Added: Will Hide all Layers except of the layer of an object allocated, If Esc+button of "Hide Unselected" command pressed.
Добавлено: Скроет все слои, кроме слоя выделенного объекта, если нажата команда Esc+кнопка "Hide Unselected".
Supported Face (3 sub-object) in Edit / Editable Mesh.
Стал поддерживаться Face (3 подобъект) в Edit/Editable Mesh.
Full refactoring code. Hide and Unhide all works on single comand.
Полностью переработан код. Скрыть и открыть всё работает по единой команде.

uni_hide_unhider.ms3.35 KB
uni_hide_unhider_1.11.ms4.27 KB
uni_hide_unhider_1.12_0.ms4.73 KB
uni_hide_unhider_1.13.ms4.7 KB


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hi unselected


Can you make hide unselected to toggle so it can bring back what it hid?

Manuel Cordova

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it not work on

xref style elements?
i had to switch to maya cause of studio needs and sometimes return to max for uv and stuff and i though there would be a hide selection toggle thats hides anything selected and unhides like a toggle like in maya. though this was intended for this but i guess not now,,

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Hi! thanks for the script.

Hi! thanks for the script. Just to mention that when the node is in a nested hided layer, unhide dont works. If the layer in non nested or nested but visible then works fine.

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Mimic Isolation

Hi! Not long ago I was looking script that mimics Maya isolate selected. And was wondering if it possible to add/create function that isolates polygons through hide unselected and then isolate object it self or just isolate object if no element was selected And it all on one hotkey for toggling it. Uni Isolate maybe =)

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I've had it planned. If the

I've had it planned. If the time-will do

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Uni suite:

Do you think it would be a good a idea to have all your 'Uni-' unified shortcuts in a single suite? It would be awesome. Install one file, unify all max controls.

This should be '3dsmax' embedded by now, with an 'enable unified controls' options just in case it is too much of a change for users already familiar with different shortcuts per object type.

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