Universal Customizer

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Universal Customizer allows you to deform any mesh by using parameters, useful to cutomize easily
repeated objects in your scene. You can configure any mesh your own way, in some way it converts your mesh
into a primitive object, however this script doesn’t change the mesh number of vertices, it only changes
the existing vertices position.

  • Create spinner controls (16 max), link them to selected groups of vertices and assign them to an action type (Move, Scale, Rotate).
  • One control can manage multiple groups of vertices at the same time, a vertex can belong to multiple groups of vertices.
  • Once an object type is configured its data is stored in an external file (.ucf) and it’s possible to edit it.
  • An object type is defined by its name (skiping the last copy numbers) and its number of vertices.
  • The script works with editable_Mesh and editable_Poly objects.
  • Downloadable examples.
  • PDF downloadable guide.
  • Tested with 3dsMax 2016 to 2022
Version Requirement: 
3dsMax 2016 to 2022
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