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This script will allow you to send meshes to UVLayout and get them back. It's a modified version of Robert Fletcher's script.

It should be compatible with 3dsmax 9 all the way up to 3dsmax 2013.




  • Speed improvements when sending multiple objects


  • Allow unwrap of multiple objects at the same time


  • UVPipe will attempt to find uvlayout.exe automatically. 
  • Moved creation of temp and config files to User directories to avoid write-errors due to lack of admin rights in restricted environments, typically at work. 
  • Rewrote the functions so that no "temp" mesh is left behind in the max scene while editing. 
  • Objects with spaces in their names can now be send to UVLayout. 
  • Removed tiling button. 
  • Various bug fixes.


  • Drag and Drop the MZP file on 3dsMax's viewport. A button will be automatically added to the Main Toolbar.



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Hi, Norman!

If your version, that can send and receive more than one object to UVLayout is more "bug free" than mine, post it for the public.
I think that most important is the script to works properly, no matter which version of the script is used by the users.


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Hey miauu! I saw your mod and

Hey miauu! I saw your mod and tested it but was having trouble with it! Got some crashes with meshes that I didn't get with my version of the script, so I added the functionality myself.
I've just seen that you fixed some problems since the first version you uploaded, so maybe my update was unnecessary :p

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uvlayout.exe is placed in the UVLayout installatino directory. When you run the script and the script ask you for the uvlayout.exe, navigate to the directory, where the UVLayout is installed and select the uvlayout.exe.
If the script not ask you for the uvlayout.exe, you have to edit the INI file of the script.

By the way, if you want to send to UVLayout more than one object you can try my version of the useful script. :)

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need uvlayout.exe (?) /

need uvlayout.exe (?) / 3dsmaxdesign2013

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Sweet :-)

Is there by any chance the possibility to include support for more than one object at the same time, like Maya's plugin? That would be AWESOME as we could repack many objects into one same UV space :)

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