waRp SelectByMaterial

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Selects all objects that have a same chosen material.
Usage: Open Material Editor and select a material (that is in the scene). Then run the script.
Note: 3ds max already has this functionality (right click on a material in the material editor and choose Select By Material), but you have to go through the Select Objects window.

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Installation: Just drag and drop the script into the 3ds max viewport. Then go to Customize > Customize Interface > category: waRp Tools > Select objects by material

It was only tested in 3ds Max 2013

Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMVJRGdrVMI#t=18m25s
If you like all of the scripts that are in the tutorial you can download them by clicking the warp_tools_bundle.rar in the attachment

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3ds max 2013
warp_selectbymtl_v1.0.mcr611 bytes
warp_tools_bundle.rar35.31 KB