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A simple tool to render out top down maps from 3dsmax. An ideal way utilizing the tool would be in creating tilable textures. Besides tilable textures, this will help in overlaying additional small scale details on already made in-game meshes in a much more straight forward fashion.

How to Install


Quick Naming

A simple script, useful when your scene have a lot of objects and you want to match the material name to your object's name.

Simply download and run maxscript

gridTM Addon

This tool will add functionality to the grid helper to mimic working pivot.
But there is more option which WP not have ...

Warp Control

An updated version of Warp Toggle. Turns off Space Warp bindings to speed up viewport work (a lot!). Turn them on or off with one click. Works on All objects or Selected objects. Also has a button to (permanently) remove Space Warp bindings from objects.

Vertex Cleaner

usageThis script will help you to clean polygonal meshes from the useless vertex, for example after the Boolean operations. Script will find vertexes with 2 egdes only and, depending from angle between edges (treshhold you can control), will clean it. So you can leave a corner vertexes and clean vertexes on straight lines.

3dsMax Ini Backup

As you know max 2014 has a bug about resetting to default configuration when max crash, it's becomes pain in the ass when you open max after crash your setting back to default, toolbar become big, caddy become active again , etc... This script do backup and restore max ini setting, so you can go back to previous setting that you already backup. You can specify directory where to save the ini file.

Hope its useful to you.


Note : after do restoring do restart max.

Reset material

Control Pressed then -- Edit: Select By Color
Alt Pressed then -- Assigne one color


Does everything that a slider can...

Box Trick Tool

Box Trick Tool

Made as a small school project to fix broken objects in 3Ds Max. Sometimes 3Ds Max brakes your objects in a way that Reset Xform is not enough. With this tool you can easily fix most of your broken objects. I've used this method for a long time and know other people who use it too.

AvizStudioTools - A2Dimage


A2Dimage is a scripted 3ds Max plug-in for adding simple 2D images with alpha channel to your 3ds Max scene. Script reads the height of the image from the end of the file name and on render generate automatically shadows based on alpha channel of the image. With this script you can render fast previews and final images with correct shadows in one pass without compositing all individual elements later.

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