Setting up Ultra Edit as your Maxscript Editor
By Chris Johnson, [email protected]

You will first need the syntax file: It can be downloaded here.


This document is meant to get a person RAPIDLY set up to use Ultra Edit as a maxscript editor. This is made possible by a bridge created by Simon Feltman at Rezn8 studios. This bridge enables any third party editor to call internal Max functions. In our case, we will set up our text editor to call 3 internal Max functions, Evaluate, Open, and Encrypt. Evaluate is the most important call and allows you to run your scripts inside max but from an outside source. 'Open' is a call that I use to open the presently active file in Max: Say I wanted to evaluate a script inside of Max so I could get listener feedback, or debugging info. Encrypt is just an example of any other miscellaneous function that can be called on an active File in a third party editor.


You must first have the Maxscript bridge program (mxscom.exe). This consists of simply placing the mxscom.exe file in the root folder of Ultra Edit. You must also have followed the other instructions that came with mxscom. Download the extension from rezn8 for details.

Getting started:

1. Save the syntax file called word.txt to your root ultra edit folder. Overwrite the old one there. Note, this file also contains syntax definitions for a score of other programming languages such as C++, C, HTML, Pearl, VB etc... I have added Maxscript as the last language syntax file in the document.

2. Save the mxscom.exe to your root ultra edit folder. You must first have followed the installation instructions that came with mxscom. (See the Rezn8 readme that came with that program)

3. Start ultra edit and select the Advanced > Configuration... menu

4. Select the syntax highlighting tab. Then select Maxscript under the Language drop down list. In the color group drop down list, assign colors of your choosing.

5. Select the File Types tab, and enter in information for *.ms and *.mcr files as shown below. When finished close this window.

6. Go to Advanced > Tools Configuration on the menu in Ultra edit.

7. You will then see entries for entering in external commands. Type in the commands as shown in the picture below for evaluating scripts. When you've filled in the information, press insert. Repeat as shown in the following images.

8. The following shows the command for Loading / Opening a file from Ultra Edit into Max.

9. The following shows the command for calling the internal Max maxscript function "encryptscript" on the presently active file:

10. You should now be done. You can now select keybindings for these 3 commands if you like. Select Advanced > Configuration and then select the Key Mapping Tab. You will see a list of commands. Scroll down to AdvancedUserTool1, AdvancedUserTool2and AdvancedUserTool3 and change them to keys of your choosing.

11. Open a maxscript file and have fun!!!!