Virtual Republic Boboland is the personal web site of Borislav Petrov, also known as Bobo. 
Born in 1968 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Bobo moved to Austria in 1991 where he studied and worked for over 12 years
before landing the dream job of Technical Director at Frantic Films in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Bobo started using computers in 1984 (Apple II), moved to Sinclair ZX Spectrum in 1985, met a PC in 1988 and has been using one ever since.
Discovered Autodesk 3D Studio R2 in 1993, after using R3 and R4 switched to 3D Studio MAX R1 in 1996.
The first version of V.R. Boboland was created in the end of 1995 as a personal presence on the Web, but quickly turned into a 3D Studio-related site.
On August 4th 1997, Bobo witnessed the introduction of MAXScript at Siggraph in LA - a life-changing experience which still influences his life.
Over the years, Boboland slowly mutated from a source of 3D Studio tutorials and plug-in related info into a MAXScript-centric web page.
In 2002, Bobo was approached by Autodesk and was hired as consultant to develop the MAXScript Online Reference for 3ds Max 5.
This working relationship was extended over the following years with MAXScript documentation for 3ds Max 6,7,8 and 9.

In 2006, Bobo was nominated and selected as one of the three 3ds Max Masters (for the first year, 3ds Max users were included in the former Alias Maya Masters program). You can watch the award ceremony here.

VR Boboland is being hosted by ScriptSpot.com, the finest place to find MAXScripts on the web. 
Thanks go to Christopher Grant for the WebSpace and the great work compiling the Repository.