MaxScript Release 0.3 Beta (4/9/1999)

Copyright (c) 1998-99 by Borislav Petrov, Bobo's Rendert**ls. 


ASCreader is a 3DS ASCII file format importer.


ASCreader uses the parser code of WorldGrabber. The ASC format contains only a very small sub-set of the nodes supported by 3D Studio and MAX - Tri-Mesh nodes with smoothing groups, texture coordinates and edge visibiliy, Material assignement per face (without the material definition itself), Ambient color, Spot and Omni Lights, and Target Cameras. There is no animation information at all.
MAX 2.5 exports .ASC files by converting non-supported nodes to one of the supported (like Free Camera to Target Camera, Free Spot to Omni Light etc.)
Some 3rd party programs export .ASC files instead of .3DS, this script will let you import data directly into MAX. 


Beta 0.3 (4/9/99) SOURCE!

This release fixes some bugs and adds custom functionality based on a user's wish:
A fellow MAX user lost his whole backups except for some hundreds ASC files. In order to save his work, the ASC reader has been enhanced to support Batch-Importing, and to build Materials based on the Material Name in the ASC file and a BMP file in the same directory as diffuse texture map. Also, each imported file can be automatically saved as MAX file to the same or a custom directory.

Beta 0.2 (7/2/98) Encrypted


  • Thanks to Charles Girard for requesting it.
  • Thanks to Larry Minton for the smoothing groups hint.
  • Thanks to Derek "Battlecruiser" Smart for getting me back to this project...

    Beta 0.3 Source