MaxScript Release 0.3 Beta for MAX 2.x and 3.x (9/22/2000)

Copyright (c) 1998-2000 by Borislav Petrov, Bobo's Rendert**ls.


DIMaster creates CAD-style dimensions based on MAX Tape Helpers.


DIMaster searches the scene for Tape Objects and creates linear dimensions
showing the distance between the two Tape points. The dimensions can also
be made visible in the final renderings. Works only in the XY ground plane.


Beta 0.30 (9/22/2000)

Identical feature set, made compatible with MAX R3 and higher.

Beta 0.20 (6/16/1998)
  • Press [Dimension/Update Tapes] to generate dimension lines for each Tape in the scene.
  • Press the button again every time you change settings - all dimensions will be updated.
  • Press the [Remove All Dims] to clear the scene from dimension lines. NOTE that DIMaster uses the Node Names to localize any Tapes/Dimensions. Changing the prefix of a node from "Tape*" or "MXS_Dim*" to anything else will effectively disable it from DIMaster actions.
  • Dimension Text can be  Renderable Spline, Mesh or Spline (None) - the first two will render, the third will be visible in the viewports only.
  • Dimension Lines can be Renderable Splines or normal Splines (when Text is set to None)
  • Support for Renderable Spline Thickness for Text
  • Support for Renderable Spline Thickness for Lines
  • Font size control
  • Font Type control  - default is Arial, you can enter any valid font name available on the system.
  • Prefix and Suffix (units) support - a space is included between number and units text.
  • Suppress Decimal Zero - 128,0 will be displayed as 128; 128,0451 will remain 128,0451
  • Decimal Digits number control (0-4) -  128,0451 can appear as 128 128,0 128,04 128,045 and 128,0451
  • Separate Color control for Text and Lines - Wire and Material Diffuse color support.
  • Self-Illumination activation for material properties. (default=on)
  • Material assignment can be turned on/off. (default=on)
  • Control for Text Up (default=on) - when off, text can be upside-down when the Tape angle is between 180 and 270.
  • 4 Arrow types - Circle, Spline Arrow, Solid Arrow and Architectural Slash. None turns arrows off.
  • Arrow Size value controls the overall arrow size.
  • Arrow Height value defines the height of the arrow as percentage from the overall size. Also used for the Circle and Arch.Slash size.


  • Global Offset for the whole Dimension (default=10)  - moves both Text and Baseline away from the Tape, secondary lines change length. Value is in MAX units.
  • Relative % offset for both Text (default= 80%) and Base Line (default=70%) relative to the Global Offset.
  • User-defined Offset Over XY Plane (dafault=0) - you can place the dimensions over solid rendered objects to be visible.





Thanks to [._.] for the idea posted in the 3DS Newsgroups.
Special thanks to John Wainwright for the great scripting language.


Download DIMaster 0.30