MaxScript Release 0.1 Beta Source  (12/17/1998)

Copyright (c) 1998 by Borislav Petrov, Bobo's Rendert**ls. 


SmoothSplit lets you create an EditableMesh copy of any number of objects and split the mesh into elements based on smoothing groups.
Useful when applying VertexColor lighting to objects.


The utility creates a copy of every selected object, collapses it to EMesh and goes through the smoothing groups of every single face. It then creates Elements (Continuous Face groups of faces using common vertices) of faces sharing the same smoothing groups. When more than 1 group is applyed (0-32 possible), the highest number encountered is used. The original objects remain untouched. You can save the new Meshes to a new file for future VertexColor calculations.

The image shows 3 copies of the same Torus with Segment Smoothing checked.
The bottom one was exploded using EditMesh/Explode , Threshold 1.0
The middle is the original after applying VertexColors - Smoothing groups inforamtion is lost.
The top one has been split by SmoothSplit and looks identical to the original even with VertexColor lighting.


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Version 0.1 BETA