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SCRIPTING TUTORIALS (MAX 2.5) A set of public MAXScript Tutorials for MAX 2.5, compatible with MAX R3.x
Info about commercial scripts used in the making of "Roughnecks - The Starship Troopers Chronicles" 
All about MAXflow, a scripted interface to Lightflow (development on hold)
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The following free scripts are ordered (almost) chronologically (newest updates on top).
Most of them are still BETA versions, they are under development and might be very buggy.

DEMO means that they are not meant for production work and might be crippled in some way.
DOWNLOAD ONLY means that there is no HTML Documentation on-site.
SOURCE files are ASCII version which can be studied or enhanced.
RED TEXT files are what I consider MUST HAVE myself.
ENCRYPTED files can be Run (using "RUN Script"), but not edited.
[?]  Not Tested in 3ds max 4 Yet, might run though
[R3] Script was written for R3
[R4] Script runs under 3ds max 4
[R4+] Script runs under 3ds max 4 and 3ds max 5
[R4NO] Does NOT run under 3ds max 4
[R2] Compatible with R2.x
[+R2] Separate R2 Version Available!
[R2+R3] Requires both R2 and R3 to operate!

Bobomacro User Interface Icons.
Icons inside of the ZIP files might be outdated.
Current version as of 7/23/99

  1. ViewportsLayout 0.4 MacroScript Source (9/17/2002) [R3] [R4+]

  2. Save and recall any number of Viewport Layouts.
    Create tiny MacroScripts to build toolbars with pre-set Layouts.


  3. Custom Icon Maker Utility Source (1/31/2001) DOWNLOAD ONLY  [R3] [R4]

  4. Render the current scene to a set of icons.Create libraries, copy icons from one library to another.
    Updated: max 4 compatible
  5. FlattenVertexColors/ OptimizeVertexColors/ SmoothVertexColors Source (12/4/2000) [R3] [?]

  6. Reduce Vertex Colors to the Mesh Vertices Count, Remove duplicated Vertex Colors per Mesh Vertex or Optimize Vertex Colors based on Smoothing Groups.
  7. snap3DS 3.1 Source (11/11/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  8. Snapshot meshes on each frame and export as a single mesh to .3DS (or any other supported format).
    Originally developed for Quake II character animation export.
    Optionally skip Biped objects. New in this version - it REALLY works :o)
    Also included Lights and Cameras support.
  9. WhoLightsMe 0.1 MacroScript Source (10/6/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [R4]

  10. A very simple script that lets you pick an object from the scene and see which lights affect its illumination. The lights both become selected in the scene and listed in the Listener. (Requested on the Boboland MAXScript CoolBoard).
  11. SkyDome 0.36/0.37 MacroScript Source (9/20/2000) [R3] [R4NO!]

  12. a.k.a. "Conan" ;o)
    A simple utility to simulate diffuse outdoor daylight from clouded sky by creating a hemisphere and lights at each vertex using the color of the diffuse map. SunSystem Support added.
    0.36 fixes a bug related to light position when SkyDome is moved from origin.
    0.37 provides an experimental fix for the International MAX Versions problem with Slice Plane properties. Don't use it unless the original SkyDome version crashes on your machine. 0.37 uses VolumeSelect instead of Slice Plane to generate the hemisphere.
  13. RGBAout 0.1 RenderEffect Source (7/18/2000, posted 8/9/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [R4]

  14. Save R,G, B and Alpha channels to 4 separate bitmap files for later compositing.
  15. Controller2TCB (7/17/2000, posted 8/9/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  16. Assign TCB Controllers to all Position, Rotation and Scale tracks in the scene (option for selection - see source)
    Very simple script put together for someone on the MAX Support Forum.
  17. CloseGroupSelected 0.1 MacroScript Source (7/13/2000, posted 8/9/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [R4]

  18. Select objects in open (even nested) groups. Use script to close all nested groups and hide them with a single click.
    (Normally you cannot hide objects while part of an open group)
    Developed during a MAXScript Course at the Filmakademie in Ludwigsburg, Germany.
  19. MultiRes_Batch 0.1 MacroScript Source (8/8/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  20. Works ONLY with the MultiRes Modifier (v 1.x) by Digimation/Intel.
    Lets the user apply a MultiRes Modifier to ANY number of meshes, set the same relative or absolute optimization values, define all other MultiRes settings and optionally collapse the resulting meshes to EditableMeshes.
  21. Kuper Camera Importer 0.25 MacroScript Source (2/18/99, posted 8/7/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  22. Written commercially for Mitch Gates and Jones,Inc., but generously given to public!
    Imports motion data from MoCo rigs.
    (You don't need the script if you have never used a motion control camera - I have never seen one myself either ;o)
    In a folder called "Original" you will find the original script that was provided by the MoCo company and a text file describing some tricks. The new script does not have most of the limitations of the original though.
  23. NoteTracks-I/O 0.2 MacroScripts Sources (8/4/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  24. Two scripts - NoteTrack_Extractor will write an ASCII file with ALL NoteTracks in a scene.
    NoteTrack_Importer will read this ASCII scene and let you import any of the exported tracks to any object track in the current scene.
  25. TVfields 0.2 RenderEffect Source (6/30/2000, posted 7/31/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [R4]

  26. Remove every Nth lines from the final rendering. Everything animateable, fast interactive updates.
  27. MeshOven 0.12 MacroScript Source (7/21/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  28. Bakes animations into the Mesh. Version 0.12 adds support for WSMs.
  29. RotateUV MacroScript Source (6/10/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  30. Rotate Texture coordinates about U,V or W at arbitrary angles. Affect Face Selection or Whole Object.
  31. QuickRegionRenderer 0.65 MacroScript Source (5/23/2000) [R3] [R4-Use ActiveShade!]

  32. Detects changes to objects and material parameters and updates the rendered preview frame interactively. Renders only the portions of the image that have really changed since the last rendering.
    Updated:Fixed a severe bug - Cameras did not update at all!
  33. RedCross 1.1 RenderEffect Source (5/6/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3][R4]

  34. Renders a color cross with custom thickness over the image. To be used on sample images or animations not for commercial use.
  35. ScanPlugins 0.11 MacroScript Source (4/30/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  36. Scans all MAX files in a specified path and all its sub-directories for all Plugin classes used. Similar to the built-in Plug-in info, but works with multiple files.
  37. RLA-ForceChannels 0.1 RenderEffect Source (4/30/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  38. Forces the generation of all RLA-specific optional channels. This way images in VFB will have all channels without the need to always save an RLA to disk. When needed, the VFB can be saved to RLA manually.
  39. SimClothMod PRESETS 0.1 MacroScript Source (4/5/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  40. The script interfaces (once again) to the great SimCloth engine by Chaos Group.
    It provides means to save/restore/manage Cloth Presets when using the Plug-in version of SimClothMod.
  41. MatMaster 0.1 MacroScript Source (3/29/2000) [R3] [?]

  42. Lets the user configure material presets and assign them globally to materials in the scene.
    For example, define a preset with Self-Illum = 100, Wire = ON, TwoSided = ON,
    and assign to selected objects' materials to turn them all into wireframes with a single mouseclick.
  43. ILLUSION Exporter 0.1 MacroScript Source (3/7/2000) [R3] [?]

  44. Exports 3D world coordinates as 2D screen coordinates to use as Position Data
    in the ILLUSION Particle generator by Impulse.
  45. RenderLayers 0.63 MacroScript Source (3/7/2000) [R3] [?]

  46. Create and Manage Matte/Shadow Layers for later 2D compositing.
    NEW!: Rendering Passes as LAYER-specific option. Fixed a bug with Target Lights.
    Started implementing Scene Snapshot options.
  47. SMIV (Show Maps In Viewports) Version 2.3 MacroScript Source (3/1/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY [+R2] [R3] [?]

  48. MAX 2.x version available
    Turn viewport display for any material channel on and off.
    Works with selections or the whole scene. Supports most MAX3 Shader types and the Raytrace material.
    NEW: Support for most composite Materials with Sub-Materials - Blend, Double-Sided, some 3rd party Materials etc.
    Added support for Composite Texture Maps with more than one sub-map: Composite, Mask, Map.
  49. Gridify 0.4 BETA Source (2/25/2000)  [R3] [R4]

  50. A MAX 3.x recompile of the Gridify script.
    Allows subdivision of whole meshes or face selections using multiple Slice Planes.
    Works great in combination with the LocalBevel script.
  51. LocalBevel 0.3 MacroScript Source (2/23/2000) [R3] [?]

  52. Allows Extrusion/Bevel at Polygon level with respect to Edge Visibility.
    Has its own History list and lots of options (Constant/Random/Incremental Extrudes/Bevels)
    Fixed a MAX 3.0 specific problem. Should work in both 3.0 and 3.1 now.
    Version 0.3 is much much faster now.
  53. ChannelExtractor 0.2 MacroScript Source (2/08/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  54. Based on the code of ChannelSaver, this script lets you extract 12 different optional channels from RLA and RPF to different file formats (TGA,JPG,BMP,TIFF,PNG).
    Allows processing of single RLA, RPF, IFL lists containing any RLA and RPF files, and all RLA/RPFs in a single directory.
  55. ChannelSaver 0.1 RenderEffect Source (2/07/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  56. A RenderEffect that lets you save 12 different optional channels to TGA files.
    Basically splits the content of a typical RLA or RPF into separate bitmaps.
    Support for multiple layers per frame per channel.
  57. ResizePrimitives 0.1 Right-Click Menu Source (1/20/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [NO!]

  58. Implements additional RightClick Menu options when a single Object is selected.
    Lets the user redefine basic parameters (Height,Radius,Width,Height) of the Standard Primitives
    by picking a new point in space (using 3D Snaps, too).
    Works with the base object even when modifiers are present.
    Thanks to John Versluis for the great idea!
  59. SimCloth 2.5 User Interface 1.2 MacroScript Source (1/14/2000) DOWNLOAD ONLY[R3] [?]

  60. This script is based on the great SimCloth scripted engine by Chaos Group.
    It simply provides a frontend to the functions and partially extends the functionality.
  61. SpringLink 0.1 MacroScript Source (12/29/99) [R3] [R4NO]

  62. Lets the user link rigid objects to a hierarchy using Spring (Flex-based) Links.
  63. RAMpreview 0.4 MacroScript Source FOR MAX 3.1 (!) (12/10/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  64. Generate uncompressed single-frame previews of the viewport animation.
    Support for two channels. Load automatically into RAMplayer.
    Most features of the original Make Preview function are supported.
    UPDATED: New large friendly frame digits! Copy TGA file to \Scripts directory.
  65. MoveVertexOnSurface 0.1 Right-Click Menu Source (11/30/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  66. Implements an additional RightClick Menu option when a single Object is in Vertex Sub-Object mode.
    It lets you move a single selected vertex over the surface of the object.
    Please read the notes in the source.
  67. AlignViewToFace 0.2 Right-Click Menu Source (11/20/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  68. Implements an additional RightClick Menu option when a single Object is selected.
    It lets you align an Isometric User View to an object's face.
    Please read the notes in the source.
    Thanks to Richard Green (Artbot) and E.K. Anna Hennequet for the idea.
  69. SelectByBitmap MacroScript Source (11/15/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  70. Lets you select scene objects based on a substring of the Bitmap file name or path.
  71. ExpressionSetRanges and IK_SetEndTime MacroScript Sources (11/3/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  72. These scripts were developed back in September, I just forgot to put them on the list.
    Both set the respective controllers' ranges to fit the current animation range.
    You can use them whenever you add frames to the end of an animation and want those controllers to keep working.
  73. SetKeyTypes (aka CopySelectedKeyTypes) 0.2 MacroScript Source (9/30/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  74. Select a key in Track View, press a button to copy its Tangent Types.
    Or Set your own Tangent Types.
    Select ANY number of keys in ANY number of object tracks and apply the Tangent Types.
    Works with Bezier controllers only, others skipped automatically.
    Special thanks to Neil Blevins / Blur Studio Inc.
  75. MeditExtender 0.12 MacroScript Source (9/29/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  76. Allows up to 1024 samples in Material Editor.
    The additional samples can be scrolled up/down using a small floater. NOTE: Currently, only the displayed 24 samples can be saved with the MAX scene.
  77. CompareAA 0.31 MacroScript Source (9/25/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  78. Render a frame with any two AntiAliasing FIlters side by side.
    Lets you define any AA settings and render alternate strips.
    Strips can be color-marked.
  79. CopyKeyTypes 0.1 MacroScript Source (9/23/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  80. Define your Tangent Types or select a single track with Bezier controller and pick a key to get Tangent Types.
    Then select another single track and apply the Tangent types to all or some of its keys.
  81. Mesh2Surf & Poly2Surf 0.11 MacroScripts Source (9/21/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  82. Convert a whole object or a Polygon selection to ST Cage/Surface.
    Fixed a typo in the Mesh2Surf code. Sorry for the trouble!

  83. Read LW Motion BETA 0.15 Utility Source for R2.5/R3 (9/1/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R2] [R3] [?]

  84. MAX 2.x and MAX 3 compatible!
    Reads Lightwave MOT files. Lets you create a Free Camera following the Motion, or assign the motion to any selected scene object.
  85. MAXscriber RenderEffect 1.6 Source - formerly k.a. "Inscriber" (9/1/99) [R3] [?]

  86. Lets you stamp your frames with custom text including file name, frame number, smpte time code. Options for colors, animatable position and size, font, alignment, presets, plate and border display. Separate colors for Text, Plate and Border. Optional colors for Caps and System text. Sepearate Opacity controls for all Text types and Plate. Affect Alpha option.
    Place text over a scene object, display Name, Position, Speed and Average Speed of the object.
    NEW: Changed the internal mechanisms to save all settings in the MAX scene itself.
  87. MissingTextures 3.1 MacroScript Source (9/1/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [+R2] [R3] [R4]

  88. MAX 2.x version available
    Checks the scene for missing Bitmap textures.
    Shows offended material, optionally searches all
    local and network drives for the bitmap,
    and can load the materials with missing maps into Material Editor.
    Fuzzy Scan - the script can now find bitmaps with slightly different names
    as possible replacement options.
    NEW: Support for Reflect/Refract Manual Reflection Bitmaps - please press Update after Replacing.
  89. SpeedoMeter MacroScript 0.11 Source (8/26/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  90. Shows the Local or Average Speed of an animated object in a multitude of formats.
    FIXED BUG that prevented the script from running. Added Selection Monitoring.
  91. TapeFixII MacroScript 1.3 Source (8/22/99) [R3] [?]

  92. Enhances the Tape Helper. Displays the Length of the currently selected Tape or Tape.Target
    in large friendly letters in a floater. Lets you move the Tape or Target while keeping fixed length of the Object.
    All US and Metric Unit Formats supported!
  93. DetectModifiers Utility 0.2 (8/5/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  94. Scans the scene for used modifiers. Lets you select objects based on the modifier's presence.
    Options include Hide the rest of the objects, Keep existing selection, Search Selection only.
    WORKS IN BOTH R3 and R2.5!
  95. RCMenu (8/5/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [R4NO]

  96. Adds a Fuse command to the Right-Click Menu when working in Spline/Vertex Sub-Object Mode.
    Copy into STDPLUGS\STDSCRIPTS\ and restart MAX 3.
  97. CustomRCMenu (8/4/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [R4NO]

  98. Adds Coordinate System, Pivot and Scale/NU/Squash switches to the Control-RightClick Menu.
    Copy into STDPLUGS\STDSCRIPTS\ and restart MAX 3.
  99. MorphSliders 1.1 MacroScript Source (8/4/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3][R4]

  100. Builds a floater with sliders for Morpher channel manipulation.
    Updated: Implemented Min/Max Range support, improved interactivity.
    Changing a value in the Morpher updates the Sliders and vice-versa without manual Time update.
    NOTE:MorphSliders was originally developed for and used by DPH for the Virtual Jay Show
  101. SplineSlicer 0.3 MacroScript Source (7/31/99) [R3] [?]

  102. SplineSlicer lets you refine an Editable Spline using a custom Slice Plane just like with Mesh Slicing. The tool has the option to slice selected segments only, and can select the new vertices.
    Works with any number of splines inside the Editable Spline.
    Great for refining complex SurfaceTools cages.
  103. ScripToons 0.62 REffect Source (7/27/99) [+R2] [R3] [?]

  104. MAX 2.x version available
    A huge enhancement over the MAX R2.x version, the new incarnation of ScripToons takes advantage of the access to optional pixel data channels. Contour Inking is rock-solid now, and a new (default) Material Color Shading mode lets you actually use Standard materials to define the Cell Shader properties of object materials, making cartoon appearance perfectly predictable and controlable.
  105. FreeFlex 0.21 MacroScript Source (7/24/99) [R3] [?]

  106. Turns any FreeFormDeformation Modifier Lattice into a Flex Lattice.
    Lets you Flex complex meshes with just few Weighted Flex Points on a Control mesh
    corresponding to the Control Points of the FFD Lattice.
  107. RisingSun 1.1 Scripted Geometry Plug-in Source (7/9/99)  [R3] [R4]

  108. Creates a simple geometry object consisting of multiple prisms.
  109. CUI Merge 0.4 MacroScript Source (6/18/99) [R3] [R4NO!]

  110. Copy Toolbars, Tabs and Colors between Custom User Interface presets.
  111. DESIE 1.01 MacroScript Source (6/17/99) [R3] [?]

  112. DESIE (Don'tEverSelectInvisibleEdges ;o) is an enhanced and interactive version
    of the Deselect Invisible Edges script. When toggled on, it will prevent you from
    selecting invisible edges while in SubObject/Edge level in an EMesh or MeshSelect Modifier.
    To deactivate, go out of Edge Sub-Object level and press the DESIE button again.
  113. DeselectInvisibleEdges MacroScript 1.0 Source (6/17/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  114. This little MacroScript lets you deselect invisible edges while in SubObject/Edge level in an EMesh or MeshSelect Modifier.
  115. Morpher_Keys 1.0 MacroScript Sources (6/15/99) [R3] [?]

  116. Two scripts, Morpher_KeyAll and Morpher_KeySelected let you generate keys for all or some of the Morpher modifier target channels at once.
  117. Save Perspective 1.1 MacroScript Source (6/14/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  118. Save the current Perspective Viewport's position and rotation to a list of presets.
    Presets are saved with the MAX file and are ready to use next time you load the scene.
    Support for SPV file import and export between scenes - merge viewport presets.
    Automatic MacroScript generation lets you create a unique button on a toolbar for specific perspective presets!
  119. Render Hidden Wire 1.0 MacroScript Source (6/11/99) [R3] [R4]

  120. Renders a static image of the current scene with hidden wires with or without shading.
    Currently supports Shade+Wireframe, Color Wireframe+User Background and UserColorWireframe+UserBackground.
    Animation support still to come.
  121. Expand Selection 1.0 MacroScript Source (6/11/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [R4]

  122. Lets you expand and synchronize both Vertex and Face selection in EditableMesh, MeshSelect and EditMesh. Selected vertices cause faces containing them to become selected, and vice-versa. Vertex selection causes the same selection to be transfered to Face level, Face selection propagates to Vertex level.
  123. Symmetry 0.41b MacroScript Source (6/8/99) [R3] [?]

  124. Symmetry lets you work on the one side of symmetrical EditableMeshes at Vertex or Face level - it will update the other side automatically.
    Supported functions include Vertex Transformations,
    Face Selection and Transformations, and selection-based operations like Bevel and Extrude
  125. MatchMover Scrubbing 0.12 MacroScript Source (6/3/99) [R3] [?]

  126. Lets you scrub a background movie sequence in realtime to match-move to a MAX scene.
    It works around the limitation of MAX which does not update while the time slider is dragged.
  127. RenderChangedRegion 0.1 MacroScript Source (5/31/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  128. Lets you save secure frame information for a whole animation and rerender only the changed portions of it later. This is a very early version and still not very user-friendly.
  129. ChromaDepth 0.2 REffect Source (5/23/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  130. Converts the rendered image into a ChromaDepth-glasses compatible image based on the scene's Z-depth.
    Glasses Not Included! ;o)
  131. RenderHistory 0.4 MacroScript Source (5/22/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3] [?]

  132. Lets you keep track on changes to your test renderings.
    Creates temp. images of each test frame and lets you scroll through them.
  133. TextureReplacer 1.0 MacroScript Source (3/24/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [+R2][R3] [?]

  134. MAX 2.x version available
    Lists all texture bitmaps in the scene. Lets you set a list of alternative bitmaps
    and replace existing bitmaps with new bitmaps from the list.
  135. ReloadBitmaps 1.0 MacroScript Source (5/8/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3][R4]

  136. Reload ALL bitmaps in ALL materials in the scene.
    Shortest script ever to come from Boboland...
  137. GrabViewport S048 MacroScript Source (4/28/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R3][R4]

  138. Capture the display of an active viewport to a bitmap
  139. Spline-IO 0.3 Utility Source (4/28/99) DOWNLOAD ONLY [R2+R3] [?]

  140. Exports Splines from MAX 3 and imports them into MAX 2.5
    (Same utility works in both programs)
  141. Cycle Cameras MacroScript Source (4/2/99) [R3] [?]

  142. Cycle through all cameras in a scene.
  143. FilmAge 0.52 REffect Source (4/3/98) DOWNLOAD ONLY [+R2] [R3][R4]

  144. MAX 2.x version available
    Old Movie filter - adds scratches, dust particles, color and frame effects to animations.


Bellow you will find the DOCUMENTATION to some scripted utilities developed
exclusively for HyperImage LLC to help with the production of the MAX-based
episodes of Sony's animated series "Roughnecks:Starship Troopers Chronicles"
These scripts are NOT AVAILABLE to the public neither commercially nor as freeware.
The documents are provided for your information only.