DESIE (Don't Ever Select Invisible Edges)

MaxScript Release 1.01 Source FOR MAX 3 (6/17/1999)

Copyright (c) 1999 by Borislav Petrov, Bobo's Rendert**ls. 


DESIE (Don't Ever Select Invisible Edges) is a MacroScript which toggles Invisible Edge Selection On and Off.
It works interactively, by deselecting all invisible edges every time you select edges. With large meshes, this might take some seconds.


Version 1.01 (6/17/99)

*Download, Evaluate, Put onto a toolbar
*Go to SO/Edge level and press the DESIE Button
*Try selecting some edges - only the visible will be selected.
*Go out of SO level
*Go to Edge level and try selecting edges again - should still work.
*Go out and click the DESIE button again
*Go to Edge level and try selecting - DESIE should be disabled.

For each new MeshSelect or EditMesh modifier, and for each object,
you have to activate the DESIE separately to get no invisible edges selected.


Version 1.01 MacroScript Source