MaxScript Release 1.0 Source FOR MAX 3 (6/11/1999)

Copyright (c) 1999 by Borislav Petrov, Bobo's Rendert**ls. 


HiddenWire lets you render static images with hidden wireframe,
or shaded+edged display similar to the viewport rendering mode.
An animatable version will follow... someday.


Version 1.0 (6/11/99)

This is a very often requested feature.
There are many workarounds, and there is, of course, Illustrate!

This VERY simple script lets you render a scene with hidden wireframes.
It uses some of the new rendering channel access possibilities in MAXScript R3.
This first version generates single frames only.
I might add animation capabilities in the future.

To install,

*Download, Unzip MS file to \Scripts, MAX file to \Scenes

*Open the MS file, Evaluate (Ctrl+E).

*Rightclick the Rendering Toolbar,
go to Render Tools category,
select RenderHiddenWire script
drag&drop the button to the toolbar. (sorry, no icon yet).

*Press the button to launch the utility.

The HW Floater will let you set the wireframe size and select the rendering mode.
There are two custom color swatches used by some of the options, and a button to start rendering.

*The User+Background renders the objects with the User Wire color against the User Background color.
The default value of the User Wire color is pure white.

*The Wire+Background renders the objects with the Wireframe color against a user background color (taken from he Environment background color when the utility starts).
Since you still get a solid Alpha channel from the objects, you can replace the background later using Video Post.

*The Wire+Solid Color option renders an image similar to Shaded+EdgedFaces in the viewports -the solid color is taken from the material, the wireframe color from the Object's Wire color.
If there is no material, both colors are taken from the Wire color, the solid is shaded, the wireframe is single color.
The background is preserved.

*Press the "Render HiddenWire" button to start rendering of the active viewport using the current Renderer settings (size etc.) The button becomes red while the rendering goes on.
The script is slow (as usual), the bitmap display might take a little before it appears.
10 pixel wide bands will be displayed while rendering.


Version 1.0 MacroScript Source