MatchMover Scrubbing

MaxScript Release 1.2 Source FOR MAX 3 (6/3/1999)

Copyright (c) 1999 by Borislav Petrov, Bobo's Rendert**ls. 


MatchMover Scrubbing allows you to match-move CGI elements to an animated background shot in realtime.
MAX does not update the background while the mouse drags the Time Slider.
This script provides a separate time slider in a floater which updates the background interactively.


Version 1.2 (6/3/99)

*Evaluate the script

*Start the Utility from the Utilities tab

*To open a Slider Floater, there MUST be a Background Bitmap in the Viewport - you can use the "Open Background Dialog" button to go to the Configuration Dialog.

*Most of the settings (frame synch, start/end etc.) will be respected.(as well as possible)

*You can switch the Match Size settings in both the utility and the Config. dialog.

*You can use the Bitmap Scale Factor value to REDUCE the currently active size down
to save HDD space and increase speed.
-If Match View is active, the Viewport Size is used.
-If Match Bitmap is active, the Bitmap size is reduced.
-If Match Output is active, the Rendering Width/Height are reduced.
This reduced size is then scaled up to fit the viewport.

*The background animation is CACHED as Single JPG Frames into a temp. directory.

*You can Get the Temp.Directory path or enter it manually.
It will be saved to an ini file - next time you launch the script the same path will be active.

*Use the "PURGE Cache Directory" button to delete all temp. JPG files from the current directory.
This way you can force an update of existing cached frames after changing the Scale Factor.
By default, if the utility encounters existing frames with the expected name, these are NOT being replaced, which
means a second launch of the Utility with the same background takes much shorter. (Caching is skipped)

*The Scrubbing Floater will display the names of cached files while loading them.

*The Floater will provide a value spinner, a slider, four buttons and a label to show the current temp. file and the current frame and total frames number.

*The four buttons allow you to move to start, to end, one frame back and one frame forward.

*While you move the Slider or change the value in the spinner, the TimeSlider will move. Not the other way.

*NOTE that you should close the floater using the CLOSE button. Closing the Utility or Opening the Background Dialog using the utility's button will also close
the floater.
The Utility replaces the original animation with single frames - the original background file (IFL, AVI, MOV, FLC) will be restored once the floater closes.

*If you change the Time Settings (Segment Start or End) WHILE the Floater is open, there might be an error message.
Will add error traps in a later version...

*NOTE that the scrubbing will be MUCH faster in Heidi mode than in OpenGL.
Redefining textures in OpenGL is always VERY SLOW.

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Version 1.2 Utility Source