MaxScript Release 0.66 Beta Source FOR MAX 3.x (05/23/2000)

Copyright (c) 1999-2000 by Borislav Petrov, Bobo's Rendert**ls. 


QuickRegionRenderer (QRR) lets you do quick render previews of single frames while tweaking material or object properties. It detects the parameter changes and the changing region automatically and re-renders only the portion of the screen that needs an update. You can think of it as of a slower version of Maya's IPR. Other than IPR, QRR will find out the area to be updated automagically.


QRR is based on the same technique already used in the ROCKR script for R2.5.
It creates WHEN handlers which trigger region renderings when monitored properties change.
It compares the last image to the current one and tries to detect the changed portions of the image.
Since the check is pixel-based, any changes including raytraced reflections, shadows etc. will
be taken into account, not only simple material changes on the object itself.


Version 0.66 BETA (5/23/2000)

Version 0.65 BETA (1/9/2000)


Version 0.6 BETA (9/5/99)

Version 0.5 BETA (9/5/99)

Version 0.42 BETA (7/27/99)

Version 0.31b BETA (5/22/99)

Here is an update which fixes some troubles (and will probably add new ones ;o)

The changes are described in the source.
Here is a short list:

Not a big step forward, but still better than v0.2

Version 0.2b BETA (5/20/99)

This is a very rough test version of an INTERACTIVE QuickRegionRender Script!

Here are the basics:

Note that the script will work best at lower resolutions. (I used Dual PII400 with 320x240 and it took
0.2 to 1.5 secs to update depending on the region size)
Just select a low res and Zoom in x2 or x4 to see more... Will work on the problems and speed issues

Version 0.12b BETA (5/20/99)

While the QRR full-frame time is slightly slower than the regular renderer because of the region
detection overhead, the region render after changing a material is much faster than a full frame
rendering. The more complex the scene and the smaller the changing region, the faster the script.


Version 0.66 BETA Source