MaxScript Release 0.2 Beta Source FOR MAX 3,4,5 (9/17/2002)

Copyright (c) 1999-2002 by Borislav Petrov, Bobo's Rendert**ls. 


ViewportsLayout lets you save and recall any number of Viewport Layouts.
You can also create tiny MacroScripts to build toolbars with pre-set Layouts.


Version 0.4 BETA (9/17/2002)

Fixed the script to work with max 4 and 5.

Version 0.2 BETA (5/11/1999)

There is a new [M] button which generates a new MacroScript into \ui\Macroscripts\
This new script is being evaluated, will appear under "Viewports" and can be used to create a custom button immediately. This way you can generate toolbars with pre-saved custom layouts which can be recalled with a single mouse click without launching the ViewportsLayout utility.

Note that the [X] button deletes only the VPL layout definition file, but NOT the corresponding MacroScripts. (to avoid orphaned buttons). You can delete the MCR files manually when you need to.

You can draw your own custom icons for these layouts, currently the buttons are text-labeled. The name shows the number of viewports (V1 V2 V3 V4), the layout (S HT HB VL VR), and the viewport types as a group made of the first letters of the viewports. The tooltip will show you the long form (identical to the VPL/MCR file name)

Some very small changes have been made. (like Title string for the Query box etc.)

Version 0.1 BETA (5/10/1999)

Here is a rough version of a ViewportsLayout MacroScript.

It gives you ANY NUMBER of Saved Layouts.
These are not session-sticky, they are global to the program and can be activated in ANY scene.

There is currently no way to access TrackView/Schematic View/AM views through MAXScript.
I tried to implement the rest... (Orhtogonal, User/Perspective/ Camera, Shape, Grid)

*Unzip into \Scripts.

*Customize a Toolbar, Go to Tools, select ViewportsLayout

*Click the icon - a new small floater with just 3 elements opens.

*Press the Save button to save the currently active layout to disk.
A new entry will appear in the drop-down list showing you the mode (1/2/3/4), the type, and the contents of each viewport in a very short form.

*The viewport files are saved with extension .VPL (ViewPortLayout) to your \Scripts directory.

*Change some windows of the layout (or even go to a different layout), press Save again etc.

*To Recall a saved layout, just select it from the drop-down list.

*To delete a Layout, press the [X] button. The respective VPL file will be deleted from the disk.
(You can delete the VPL files yourself if you want to)

*Cameras are handled the following way:
-The Camera name is saved in the VPL file
-If there is a camera with exactly this name, it is activated in the viewport when loading the layout.
-If there is no such camera, a Perspective viewport is displayed instead.

DOWNLOAD ViewportsLayout

Version 0.4 MacroScript Source