MaxScript Release 0.12 Source for 3ds max 4 (08/07/2001)

Copyright (c) 2001 by Borislav Petrov, Bobo's Rendert**ls. 


TopCAT is a Scripted Modifier. It lets you expose parameters of modifiers on the stack or
the base object to the top of the stack by creating Custom Attributes and wiring them to the original properties.
This can be useful to keep all important parameters of large stacks on top of the stack for quick changes.



Version 0.12 (08/07/2001)
  • Select a single object with modifiers.
  • Add "TopCAT Modifier" on top of the stack
  • Expand the "Manage Attributes" rollout
  • Press the "GET PARAMETERS" button - a list of all animatable parameters of type Float or Integer in the base object and modifiers will appear
  • Double-click the parameters you want to expose on top of the stack
  • Press ADD to create the TopCAT Rollout with spinners for the tagged parameters.
  • All parameters will be 2-Way-Wired to the originals
  • Changing and animating the parameters in TopCAT Modifier will change the parameters in the modifiers on the stack.
  • Changing and animating the parameters of the original modifiers on the stack will update the TopCAT parameters.

    • Should be used on single objects only, no instancing on multiple objects supported.
    • Only Animatable Patameters supported (since we need to Wire them).
    • Only Float and Integer types supported.
    • Only Spinners supported in the moment
    • Min/Max values not supported - all spinners will have high settings for both Min and Max which might not fit the original limits of the parameters
    • You cannot EDIT the properties list in the moment. To change the parameters, you have to DELETE and ADD again. (This might change in the future)
    • No "Tag All" / "Untag All" buttons yet - lots of clicking, coming soon...


    Version 0.12 Scripted Modifier Source