MaxScript Version 2.1 Source for 3ds max 4 and higher (12/03/2004)

Copyright (c) 2003-2004 by Borislav Petrov


BaseJump is a callback script manager which will let you :

For example, if you have multiple text shapes with an extrude modifier on top and want to edit the text field manually, you can set BaseJump to jump to the BaseObject. Now you can select every object and the modifier stack will always show you the desired level. 

Another example - if you have a number of objects that have a Bend modifier deep in the stack and you want to edit its Angle, you can tell BaseJump to switch to the Bend modifier. Every time you select a new object, the Bend modifier will be selected in the stack.

In the latest version, you can select an object, select a modifier on its stack and set this specific modifier and its sub-object level as the Local Target for BaseJump. Next time you select the same object, if Local is active, BaseJump will go to that specific modifier (even if it has moved on the stack to a different level.). If the SubO option is checked, the Sub-Object level will also be set.



Version 2.1 (12/03/2004)

Version 2.1 MacroScript Source for 3ds max 5 and higher. (It might run in 4, but was not tested)


Version 1.0 (04/25/2003)

Version 1.0 MacroScript Source for 3ds max 4 and higher.