Does the "Imprint" work in maxscript for ProBooleans?

Anybody know

Does the "Imprint" work in maxscript for ProBooleans? I cant get it to work on my simple example. It should result in my sphere called sdome having 2 circular curves imprinted on it from their other 2 spheres. This is what I have but all it does is do a subtraction not just leave imprint.


script below...try it and test if you want.


resetMaxFile #noPrompt

sdome = sphere name:"imprinted" radius:10 segments:60 position [0,0,0]

i = sphere name:"MOON1" radius:10 segments:60 position:[0,5,10]

i2 = sphere name:"MOON2" radius:10 segments:60 position:[-9,8,10]

ProBoolean.createBooleanObjects sdome #(i2,i) 2 0 0

ProBoolean.SetImprint sdome true --checks imprint box