help me make this work!!

Hay all forum member and maxScripter i’m newbie in maxscrpt and need help developing my script, bassiclly it based on copy paste modifier but im try to remodel it a little bit and get dizzy how it work so here is my problem !!
-------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------
rollout kie “Untitled”
button btn1 “Button” pos:[1,3] width:132 height:22
on btn1 pressed do
sel=selection as array
rollout kio “Temp”
multilistBox lbx1 “item” pos:[3,1] width:155 height:5 i
createDialog kio
createDialog kie
-------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- -------
bassicly I want to add modifier name as item in multibox list when I click object that had a modifier and do nothing if item in selection doesn’t have any (btn1 click createDialog and automaticlly add modier name in multilistbox thing.... this is very very dizzy I tried every method I know and still not working ), clear multibox list automaticly when I clear selection () and add item automaticlly (modifier object when I click object that have an a modifer ) bassiclly like multilist box in command panel.


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Here is a solution with a

Here is a solution with a few extra things you might find helpful.

I attached this script as an ms in the attachment also.


Rollout TestModDialog "List Mods"

MultiListBox LstBx "Mods" 
-- not necessary -- items:#("A","B","C") selection:#(1,3)

Button GetMods "Get Mods"

---  The names are stored in a global variable
---  we make the option to clear it automatically
-- each time a pose is added or keep adding modifiers
-- to what is there and keep everything that is
-- already in the list.

Checkbox AutoClear "Auto Empty Buffer"

Button ClearTheList "Clear the list"

on GetMods pressed do

MyObjs = GetCurrentSelection()
-- equivalent to selection as array

 if ModArray == undefined then
 Global ModArray = #() -- empty array
  -- if auto clear active
  -- set Modarray to empty array
  -- else just add to whats in
  -- the global array
  If AutoClear.state == true then
  Global ModArray = #()
  ModArray = ModArray


-- Loop through the objects and Check for 
-- modifiers
 for i in MyObjs do
  -- If the count of the modifiers is 0
  -- then we know the object has no
  -- modifiers
  if i.modifiers.count != 0 then
  -- append the modifiers to the array
  -- append means array = array + value
   for m in i.modifiers do
   append ModArray
 -- if there were modifiers set the items in the
 -- list to the new array
 ) -- end for

if ModArray.count > 0 then ( LstBx.items = ModArray )


) -- end button GetMods

This button has option to automatically
clear the update the list and then update it
with the newly selected objects modifier names

-- But Here is a seperate button to clear the list then


On ClearTheList pressed do
LstBx.items = #()

-- you may or may not choose to
-- clear the global variable for the
-- buffer to

ModArray = #()

) -- end button ClearTheList





) -- end rollout


TestRollFloat = NewRolloutFloater "Test Rollout" 200 280

addRollout  TestModDialog  TestRollFloat

-- see rollout floater windows in maxscript help

There are shorter ways to do this
but I figured I'd share a number of
techniques all in one go.

for example you do not have to store
the mod names in an array

you could just append the names
directly to the list box

LstBx.items = LstBx.items + #(

-- be sure to include the in an array
-- array + array
-- see array values in maxscript help




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List Modifiers in a list box example 2.42 KB
mertens3d's picture a hint for you. You a hint for you. You can get the modifiers from a selected object via


you can get the top modifier only via


if you have more than one node selected you can use

selection[1] to get the first selected node.

that should get you started.


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