I'm looking for a partner on a project

Hi to all the community,

Recently I started looking for a developer to join me into a project. I have come up with an idea for a plugin/script that is related mainly to the architectural and product design fields. I’m not able to give a lot of details around the plugin at this moment and probably would like to share info with someone who would like to join me in this project.
There is one thing certain tho. The script/plugin isn’t something like the next vray etc. It is much easier. It is a simple idea with a great potential. I don’t think it will take more than a week or two of work to have a working release. The script has been started but there is still a lot of things to do and besides I'm open to new ideas.

If there are people that would like to join me, it would be great to contact me via email or on my mobile so we can discuss a possible partnership. It would be good to see some plugins/scripts as a portfolio so I can get a better understanding about the person’s knowledge in the field of MaxScript development and in general in programming.

I would like to work with a person that loves his job as I love mine. I’m not looking for a company but an enthusiast that is willing to devote time into this project. Once realized i think there will be enough for both and it could lead to other projects.
My only problem is that I can’t write the plugin myself and that is the reason why i’m looking for a partner besides I like working in a team.

From my end you can expect high motivation and drive to push the project forward. I’ll be presenting the plugin to future clients, organize meetings with companies and present it to leading organizations connected to architecture and design. I’m based in the UK but that is not of a great importance as the product will be released internationally. I would be able to participate mainly in the design related works around the plugin: Website, logos, branding etc.


Contact me at

Thanks to all