XMLLayoutPanel - A Custom Dotnet Control for 3dsMax

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XML LayoutPanel - Another Custom control for 3dsMax

Please note - this tutorial was written pre max 2010 which includes the method dotnet.setlifetimecontrol. This resolves the global dotnet handler issues mentioned at the start.

Calling Maxscript Functions from DotNet

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Calling Maxscript Functions from DotNet

I thought I’d draw attention to a few enhancements that Autodesk has made
with the new release in the hope that it will help you with your
scripts. The private/public methods in struct declaration in MXS was a
welcome addition, but I was hoping for a few extras in the dotnet area
too. The main one to note is -

HitchHiker - A Dynamic Thumbnail control for 3dsMax

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New Tool for 3ds Max - RenderFlow Beta

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David Holmedal has written a node based render manager for 3dsmax and is making it available immediately to anyone who is interested ...for free. More information is available on his website http://www.davidholmedal.com/renderflow.php

RenderFlow is a nodebased render manager. It allows you to setup your
render passes much like you would set up a composite in programs such as
Shake. This gives you a clear overview of what is going on in the scene. It
is easy to use, you decide the complexity as you go along.

Material Converter v0.98b

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Simple utility to make it easier to move scenes from a rendering engine to another. Some work have to be done in terms of materials or types of engines, but it will progress step by step. In the following table you can appreciate the possibilities of the script at this moment:

Help file explaining the whole process included with script.

Motiva SOAP First Public Release

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Motiva SOAP is a free realtime postproduction tool witch allows not only change colors of the entities but their influence in the whole scene.
Probably the best way to understand what's Motiva SOAP is look at this video.
Vimeo video (features): http://www.vimeo.com/5613002
Mirror in Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLg3D_bi7lE
Why free?

Server Utilities

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A small server admin tool built on maxscript to automate some of the more annoying tasks needed while managing a small renderfarm. Rebooting/Shutting down remote servers, Viewing with VNC or Remote Desktop, Restart/Stopping/Querying remote services, Listing/Starting or Stopping remote processes


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MatManager is a collection of tools created to help
you, the artist, control your materials and allow you to make the most of
them. It was designed to complement 3D Studio, keeping a clean and
streamlined interface where every action takes as few clicks as

9 years of ScriptSpot

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May has come and is nearly gone but is a special month for ScriptSpot - this is the 9th year since ScriptSpot was created. 9 years... Wow. So - what does this mean? Not much this year but I do think next year should be big! I'm thinking everything from competitions to giveaways to a major site refresh. If you've got some ideas or just would like to help out over the coming year shoot me an email or leave a comment below.

Christopher Grant

MPManager (Matte Pass Manager)

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This script creates Matte Passes by layers, and works with xrefs!

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