Job: Technical Artist – Sports - Blue Castle Games – Burnaby, BC

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BLUE CASTLE GAMES ( is a full-service, multi-project and multi-platform 3rd party developer located in Vancouver, Canada. The studio was formed in 2005, fulfilling the desire to start a company where creativity, experience and hard work come together to create outstanding games. We are currently a 100 plus-person studio with plans to expand to 150+ in 2008. In its short tenure, Blue Castle has already developed and shipped The BIGS (published by 2K Sports in June 2007) on PS3, 360, PS2, PSP and Wii. We are well underway on three new projects – an unannounced Action title and two Sports titles.

A Technical Artist at Blue Castle Games, is someone who can proactively identify the artists needs, proposing and delivering effective tools and workflow. Extensive scripting work in MaxScript, Mel and Python will be required. You will do this by providing support to automate processes while working as a liaison between Software Engineers and the Art/Animation teams.

An equal combination of a strong creative/visual aesthetic and technical knowledge are a necessity – the job is roughly a 50/50 split in these areas. You should also be experienced in one of the following other areas – Animation, Character Modeling or Environments.


For more details and instructions on how to apply, view the attached PDF job description.

SoulburnScripts Updated Sept 18th 2008

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NOTICE: I had to make some major changes to sLib to remove several recursion bugs that could cause max to crash. I've successfully removed the bugs, but it's possible I may have introduced new ones, despite a lot of testing to make sure all of the functions still work correctly. If you see any weirdness where scripts you know worked aren't working as expected anymore, please get in touch with me immediately. Thanks.

Updated several older scripts, here's the major updates:

saving only visible object

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I'm thinking about a script to save only objects displayed in the camera field (like "save selection" but for the camera viewport)
the goal is to make my huge architecturals scene easier to render, because sometimes i just want to render a part of the project (my camera field) and not the total scene,i think this could make my render faster
I'm working on it, so if you have suggestion or if a similar script already exists, please tell me !
(Sorry for my poor english, i'm french! )

Looking For This Script

I can't find this script again.  I don't know the name but this is what it dose;

tacks on a interface to the right side of the UVW Unwrap edit
interface.  This script had tools to align points, rotate polyfaces in
45,90,180  increments. I have looked and looked but can't find it. Any one know were or what it is?

Starting out big.

I've been working as a technical modeller for two months now, after a four year game design education. Speed and low polycount is crucial so, shortcuts are the key.

I've come across one problem, i wish to solve with scripting.

Converting animation constraints, ie look-at-constraint to keyframes.

This is because our in-house exporter and simulator can't handle dummies or that kind of thing.

The way i've been doing it is manually copying and pasting every rotation coordinate for 100 frames. It needs to end! rawr.

SoulburnScripts Updated Aug 20th 2008

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(Copied from Neil Blevins' email list)

Max script update:

Updated several older scripts, here's the major updates:

nameManager: Added a new mode for renaming maps, not just bitmap maps.
Added some simple mentalray support.
Now gets maps associated with UnwrapUVW modifiers.
Now when you turn off the script, it will turn the Preview Selection mode of your objects to what they were before you entered Selection Highlighting mode.
Now handles the CastShadow property of lights.

Script Installation in 3ds max

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Additional help (external link): Macro installation (MAXScript) on


SoulburnScripts Updated July 18th 2008

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(Copied from Neil Blevins' email list)

Created one new script:

polyCountSelector: Selects objects based on their facecount.

Updated several older scripts, here's the major updates:

bitmapCollector: Now searches your mappaths and local maxdir for missing bitmaps.
modifierUtilities: Added a new mode for selecting objects with uVWMapping Modifiers with a specific map channel.

Batch It Max

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Designed for batch processing multiple max file with multiple scripts.

Batch it Max works something like the batch processing in Photo Shop, where you can create a series of actions, in this case a max script, and have it run on multiple files. Batch It Max will load each file, run the script and then save the file.

ScriptSpot Updates & New Server

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ScriptSpot has now been updated to a new version of, is operating on a new server, has a few new features & is now open for posting!

There may be some glitches left in the server transition. If you run across anything, please use the contact link at the bottom of any page to report the problem.

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