SoulburnScripts Updated Mar 24th 2008

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(Copied from Neil Blevins' email list )

Yes, I know it's only been 4 days since the last collection, but I wanted to get a number of bug fixes out to you ASAP, and a few new useful features. So here's the news...

Added 1 new script:

splinePainter: This script lets you paint splines on the surface of another piece of geometry.

Updated a bunch of scripts, here's the major updates:

modifierUtilities: Fixed a Defaults Loading bug.
objectReplacer: Fixed a bug when trying to remove objects from a blank replacer list.
wireBundler: Fixed a bug when trying to remove objects from the various lists. Added weights to deform objects. Increase the weight of an object to have it chosen more frequently.
splineManager: Added controls for the Rectangular Renderable Splines.
objectPainter: Fixed a bug when trying to remove objects from the 2 lists. Added weights to paint with objects. Increase the weight of an object to have it chosen more frequently. Added scatter, so now your brushsize can determine the distance an object can be scattered. Added group support.
materialMover: Added an Unused mode, so you can, for example, only move materials to the material editor slots that don't currently contain scene materials. Or you can apply materials from your Material Library to only scene objects that do not currently have a material.

How to use MySQL Connector in 3ds Max using .NET

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3ds Max 2009 Announced

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Interesting news if you haven't heard. 3ds Max 2009 has been announced and will be split into an Entertainment and Design version corresponding to the creative needs of the different markets. In addition VIZ is being discontinued to be replaced by 3ds Max Design.

This has created quite a stir amongst the community on CGTalk and on Ken
Pimentel's blog


For the latest industry news - visit MaxUnderground.

Polyboost 4.0 Released

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News from the Polyboost website:

PolyBoost 4.0 has now been released! Almost all parts of PolyBoost have now been converted to c++ using the 3ds max SDK which means a lot for the speed and efficiency of the tools. They are now just as fast as native max tools would be! New tools in this release include Symmetry Tools, Texture Wrap, Cavity, Density, Dust and SubSurface Map, UV Space, SurfaceSelect, SymmetrySelect, StepLoop and surface offset for the PolyDraw tools. View the preview video here and read more about the update here. The upgrade is free for existing users.

For more info visit

Bubble Modifier

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Works like sculpt deform in Maya.

A SimpleMod scripted plug-in modifier which inflates or pinches
an object according to the transformation of the modifier's gizmo, the radius and falloff parameters.

The Radius is the length of the offset a vertex would get if it's distance
from the gizmo evaluates as zero. This parameter can be set to a negative value as well to create a pinch effect.

HP xw4400 DCC Workstation Raffle

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3ds Max 2008 is shipping

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From the Autodesk announcement email:

"Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2008 is now shipping! This release makes working with complex scenes easier than ever. Dramatic performance improvements – in areas such as viewport interaction, selection and material assignment, as well as new, artist-friendly UI and scene management features, result in significantly enhanced productivity. Click below to find out about all the new features and enhancements of this exciting new release."

See What's New in 3ds Max 2008

ScriptSpot "RE-Launch" Giveaway #5 Winners

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Today I'm proud to say the top 3 contributors to ScriptSpot are being publicly recognized for their contributions and awarded a prize for their efforts! Their talent and contributions continue to help the ScriptSpot community to grow and flourish. To that end - ScriptSpot, in coordination with the developer of Orionflame, would like to recognize their efforts and reward each with a FREE copy of Orionflame 4 valued at $149 USD!

"Hello" to the San Diego 3ds max usergroup

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Just wanted to give a quick shout out to all the people at the San Diego 3ds max user group!

New google search options

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There are now two new ways to search for ScriptSpot or MAXScript related content via a google CSE (custom search engine). A CSE allows for the creation of a search engine that searches only certain sites.

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