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The REZN8 Productions MAXScript / COM Bridge. This script and executable allows you to run scripts externally.

Install for Crimson Editor
0. Modify the entry in maxscript6.reg and or maxscript7.reg to point to the
directory where your 3dsmax.exe resides.
1. Place '' into your folder.

"RE-launch" Raffle #1 - Win 3ds max training DVDs from CG-Academy

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Thanks to the fine folks over at CG-Academy, there are 2 sets of prizes for this raffle. The first prize winner will receive the complete set of CGA MAXScript DVDs (worth £126) + £150 worth of DVDs (Winners choice…). The second prize winner will receive the complete set of CGA MAXScript DVDs (worth £126).

Our Winners Are:

  • 1st Place: Charley Carlat who will be receiving the complete set of CGA MAXScript DVDs (worth £126) + £150 worth of DVDs of his choice.
  • 2nd Place: Dee Stringer who will be receiving the complete set of CGA MAXScript DVDs


Modeling a Lego Snowspeeder in 3ds max

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In this tutorial I will build a complete Star Wars LEGO model from scratch using Autodesk 3ds Max 8. Originally I made this for the speed modeling contest. Since the purpose of this contest is to model as much as possible within one hour, I didn’t model the underside of the lego bricks (or the underside of the model).

Announcing the ScriptSpot "RE-launch"

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The day is finally here! I am proud to announce an entirely new ScriptSpot is here! Completely rebuilt from the ground up, the new site has been built specifically to address the needs of the community for years to come.

Check out these new features:

  • User based content submission (scripts, extensions, tutorials, news). No more waiting for your script, plugin, tutorial to go live. All of you have the ability to get your content live, any time, 24/7/365.
  • User blogging that pulls together your blog with all your submitted content. Example - my blog allows me to blog any new announcements or news about myself / my submissions while making it easy for users to see what content I've submitted and what content has been marked as my "favorite". The idea was to create a way for users to have their own blog and storage for their relevent content and present it to people in a very readable way.
  • Additional application support - initial site rollout adds SketchUp, future additions of XSI, Maya, Lightwave, Rhino, Cinema4D, etc based on demand.
  • Favorites allow users to mark any content as their "favorite" then allowing the community to see what scripts particular people find to be useful. Favorites are implemented on the individual user blog page.
  • Email subscription allows users to subscribe to virtually all content, be it a script, plugin, blog and be notified via email when it is updated or commented on.
  • Full comment system and content ranking. Like a script or plugin? Give it a thumbs up by clicking the "plus" sign on the voting widget. Want to leave some constructive feedback, use the comment system to contribute your thoughts!
  • Forum - really, its about time!

Scripted controllers and object references in 3dsmax R6

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Strictly speaking it's not an Extension, but it does extend the
capability of MAXScript and provides a function not otherwise
available. It is a DOS utility program to handle unwanted dialogs in
MAXScript. For details, see send0k(2)-MAXForumThread.txt and the header
of sendok.c.

Creating MAXScript Installers

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What’s Wrong With .MZP Files?

Having managed tool rollouts at both small (four artists) and large (50+ artists) companies I’ve become increasingly frustrated with MAXScript installation options. MZP files do ake the process less painful, but they have some inherent problems and limitations:

How to create a self-updating Max Script or Macro Script

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How to create a self-updating Max Script or Macro Script


Setting up Ultra Edit as your Maxscript Editor

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This document is meant to get a person RAPIDLY set up to use Ultra Edit as a maxscript editor. This is made possible by a bridge created by Simon Feltman at Rezn8 studios. This bridge enables any third party editor to call internal Max functions. In our case, we will set up our text editor to call 3 internal Max functions, Evaluate, Open, and Encrypt.

MAXScript Coding Standards

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This document should be used as a source of input when developing your own, or your company’s, coding standards for MAXScript. There are many ways to format code, this style being just one of near infinite choices.

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