This one's for you TD/rigger/effects guys, or anyone who frequently uses MAXScript to mess with a bunch of objects at once. DtS (stands for Do to Selection) adds a special command-line toolbar to your 3dsmax interface. Any standard MAXScript command you enter into it will be executed once for each currently selected object. No longer will you need to waste valuable seconds wrapping your one-off script commands in looping code just so you can (for example) swap out controllers on a couple dozen character rig controls! Here's what DtS looks like:

the DtS command line toolbar

DtS is designed to feel just like a normal part of the Max user interface, and can in fact be customized to suit your own desired look and feel. By right-clicking on the DtS logo (on the right) and choosing Settings from the pop-up menu, you can change the colors of the toolbar background, text editor background, and the text itself.

Commands you enter into DtS will be maintained in a command history, also accessible from the logo's right-click menu. This provides two-click access to commands you use often!*

download DtS v1.1

Like many of my other scripts, DtS is a breeze to install. Just drop the included mzp package onto a Max viewport, hit the Install button, and the DtS toolbar will automagically dock itself underneath the trackbar! I sincerely hope you enjoy, and get a lot of use out of this script. If you do, I'd love to hear about it! And if you aren't satisfied with DtS, I want to hear about that too. Just drop me a message at the email address down below:)

*Command history is not saved between 3dsmax sessions