MousePlanter is one of my oldest and most cherished scripts. It started out in 3dsmax R4 as a project to get acquainted with a number of (at the time) unfamiliar MAXScript concepts. Based on the Planter plugin for Mirai, this script allows you to place objects on the surface of other objects in an intuitive manner; a manner unlike any other surface distribution tool available for Max. To get a better understanding of how it works, watch this little movie (sorry 'bout the download size!):

MousePlanter in action!

Okay, so it's not the most well-produced video around...but I hope it gets the idea across. You can choose any number of objects to plant, and either set MousePlanter to choose each new object at random, or take control and manually choose which one to plant next. Positioning, rotating, and scaling is all done by simply dragging the mouse around!

A more complete feature description, along with a mini-tutorial, can be found in the ReadMe.txt included in the Zip package. As with several of my other scripts, installation is easy - just drag the included mzp package onto a Max viewport and go! MousePlanter creates its own menu, so you don't need to explicitly add it to your UI (unless you want it on a quad or button).

download MousePlanter

Please let me know if you like MousePlanter, or even if you don't. And be sure to tell me if you're having problems running it on your system. Drop me a message at my email address below:)