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Raylectron, photorealistic rendering plugin for Google SketchUp.

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Living area.


Raylectron is an affordable, easy and a powerful renderer for Google Sketchup.

It provide the user with 4 different rendering mode. Depending on the scene being rendered, one can use Raytrace with true shadows, Path tracing with or without direct illumination and Photon mapping. Each creating a unique effect.

One of the unique feature of Raylectron is that you are able to stop the render, save it, reopen it later and resume the render.

Sketchfab Uploader for SketchUp

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Sketchfab allows you to share your models in an interactive 3D format anywhere online!

This plugin enables to publish SketchUp models online in 1 click via Sketchfab.

It will add a menu item "upload to sketchfab" on SketchUp.

You can download the plugin here:

You'll find a video demo here:

And here is a preview of the plugin interface:

ArielVision Rendering package for SketchUp

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ArielVision toolbar.png

ArielVision is a low-cost, easy-to-use, renderer for Google SketchUp. ArielVision uses sun, sky, shadows, lights, transparency and reflections to create Photorealistic renderings from SketchUp models at an affordable price.

Raylectron for SketchUp

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Concept office


RpWallMaker - free add-on for SketchUp

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RpWallMaker is a free add-on for
Google SketchUp
(Windows or Mac) to create wide walls (3D walls with thickness), edit them and
cut holes in them.

Free Raylectron Sketchup Textures Exporter plugin.

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Free Raylectron Sketchup Textures Exporter plugin

Export all the textures from a model to a directory. As-is, or all as png, jpg or bmp.

Free Raylectron SketchyMesh plugin.

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Create terrain and shapes from a grid using formulas in the form of z=f(x,y), very easy to use.

SketchyMesh is an easy terrain and shape builder. It is based on the formula z=f(x,y) for a grid where you enter your own ruby formula using x and y. You can download it from it is free with source code but is (c)2012 SoftByte Labs Inc.

IRender nXt and nXtRender

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IRendernXt is a the fully integrated plug-on for SketchUp rendering solution for SketchUp.

nXtRender is the low cost, easy to use version with fewer features.

In addition to a high quality, professional, rendering engine - AccuRender - IRender has wizard to create lights, create mirrors, create plants and create materials all of which are then stored directly in your SketchUp model.

Visit our image gallery to see what users are creating with SketchUp.

Shadow Analysis

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Shadow Analysis is a simple tool for analyzing daylight conditions. Analysis are presented in the form of colorful pictures - difernt colors donote different amount of exposure to sun light. Shadow Analysis was created to help architects understand daylight conditions in dense urban area and provide them with a tool for designing better, more sustainable buildings and urban spaces.

Shaderlight for Google SketchUp

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Shaderlight transforms your SketchUp renders With Shaderlight for Google SketchUp you can now take your renders to a new level - creating high quality images with minimum fuss. Whether your using SketchUp Free or Pro, Shaderlight fits seamlessly with your workflow you dont have to be a rendering expert to get great results.

Interactive rendering - Simple to learn and easy to use, Shaderlight allows you to watch your image develop on screen as you continue to refine your SketchUp model.

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