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Rendering Tip - Use self glow for backlit objects


(Self glow applied to television screen)

Self Glow illuminates a surface as if it had light shining on it, without actually making it a light.

* Balance illumination in scene without adding additional lights.
* More realistic signs, monitors and projection devices.
* Faster rendering times.

Rendering Tip

Tip of the Week - Use Section Planes for realistic interior views

For more information, check out these links.

When rendering the inside of a room it is sometimes a challenge to place the camera properly. There are a few options one could choose from in order to solve this problem, such as:

Rendering Tips

This is a new blog of rendering tips.


Although all the images are created from SketchUp models, these tips should be useful for all Photorealistic, 3D rendering engine users.

 Rendering Tips Blog

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Lego Rendering

I was feeling like "Lego" this morning, so I grabbed this model from the 3d warehouse:

Lego Star Wars Snow-Speeder

NprTools - Non-Photorealistic Tools for SketchUp

NprTools - the new plugin for SketchUp to create Soft Shadows and other Non-photorealistic effects for SketchUp has been released by Render Plus.



Take a look at: NprTools

SpaceDesign Free - Attributes and Reports

is a new, free for Sketchup to define attributes and create reports


How to Improve Renderings





Great script that allows you to instantly align objects to the surface below. A common example would be scattering people / trees / entourage around a sloping site. With this script, just select your objects, click drop and they instantly fall to the surface below. Easy as can be!

Tips for choosing a renderer for SketchUp

This Tutorial highlights SketchUp features which some renderers may not be able to handle. It does not get into artificial lighting, reflection and other special rendering features which are also important, but concentrates on the importance that the renderer be able to handle SketchUp features - materials, images, transparency, sun and sky, etc. which make it easier to start adding advacnced features to your model for rendering without having to modify the model to render the items which are already there.

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