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ZbylsXExporter is a DirectX .X, Ogre3d .mesh.xml and WaveFront .Obj File Exporter for Google SketchUp 8.

Exported .obj files are accompanied by an .mtl file with meterial definitions.
Exported .mesh.xml files are accompanied by an .material file with meterial definitions.

To install this extension unzip attached archive, then in SketchUp go to menu "Window > Preferences" then click "Extensions", click "Install Extension..." and choose extracted ZbylsXExporter.rbz file.

Isolate Selection

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This is script is based on invert selection written by TIG, I just add a little function to hide selection.

Installation n using :

1. Put the script in the sketchup plugins directory (ex : C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins)

2. Restart the sketchup if it ran, fire up sketch and select any object, you'll find it in right click menu.

3. just right click, invert selection

4. To unhide all object, just using unhide all/last from sketch up function, you know how to do it right ?

Best regard


Credit to TIG - Invert Selection

Arc Centerpoint

56 votes

Right-click an arc or circle to insert its centerpoint into the model.


Put On Current Layer

59 votes

Allows you to easily move entities and their nested elements (ie groups within components within groups) to the current layer


130 votes

Great script that allows you to instantly align objects to the surface below. A common example would be scattering people / trees / entourage around a sloping site. With this script, just select your objects, click drop and they instantly fall to the surface below. Easy as can be!

Unfold Tool

45 votes

Please see my blog for more information and to download this script. 

Sherwin-Williams Palette Plugin

39 votes

Please see this page at my blog for more information.


36 votes

Opens a dialog to select entities by type (edge, face, group, or instance.) This is a very basic tool (toy?), but could be expanded to include multiple criteria (such as selecting by Layer or material.)




Sphere Tool

60 votes

This script adds a Sphere option to SketchUp's Draw menu.


Please visit my blog fro the latest version of all my plugins.





Add Hidden Layer

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Adds a new Layer that is turned off by default - not only for existing pages (or scenes), but for any new pages (or scenes.) Should work with SketchUp versions 5 or 6.

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