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IES stands for Illuminating Engineering Society. IES standard file format was created for the electronic transfer of photometric lighting data over the web. It has been widely used by many lighting manufacturers and is one of the industry standards in photometric data distribution. An IES file is basically the measurement of distribution of light (intensity) stored in ASCII format. You can think of it as a digital profile of a real world light.

In IRender nXt IES files can be used for creating lights with shapes and physically accurate form. IES Spot Lights can cast light more realistically by accounting for the reflective surfaces in the light fixture, the shape of the light bulb, and any lens effects.

IES light files are created by many major lighting manufacturers and can be downloaded freely from their sites.

IRender nXt also provides 30 standard IES Light profiles which can be used to create many standard lighting shapes.

30 IES Light profiles supplied with IRender nXt

Using these patterns, and selecting a pattern which give the appearance you like can really improve your renderings.

IES Wall 19.jpg
IES Corner 19.jpg




Using IES Lights

The easiest way to use IES Lights is to place a Spot Light from our IRender Ready Light Wizard, and place one of the IES Patterns on it.

Place IES Spotlight.png 


Version Requirement: 
SketchUp Versions 8 through 2016