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Lets you control the view you're currently seeing in the viewport in a handy dialog box.


Will randomly select objects based on a value provided.

Reference Plane Creator

It is a utility that:
- Creates 3 types of references from side - front - and top views (independently) with your selection of
- Creates a correct size plane (the size of the image) at world center [0 -0 -0]
- Puts the plane in a seperate layer (for easy hiding abilities)
- Creates a material with the diffuseMap as the image and toggles it on

Mechnology Viewrender

Mechnology ViewRender was originally written to help us light scenes interactively. It has the ability to update a render as you move objects - lights - or cameras in your scene.

New features added since version 0.5:
* Added the ability to render only selected objects
* Limited use of the Right-Click menu


This script will mass assign controllers of almost any type to position - rotation or scale.


Floater that allows you to scale an object or selection of objects based on their bounding box dimensions. Great for making sure pieces fit together exactly if you are working with game geometry - or just checking to see what the dimensions of your object/objects are.


The outdoor areas in Driving Force required extremely large numbers of trees to be added to the terrain. Hand placing hundreds of external references in 3ds max wasn't considered viable. LSGardener was created - based off of Blur Studios' simple scatter script with Neil Blevin's blessing - to facilitate the random scattering - scaling - rotation - and planting of the tree objects.

Toggle Trackbar and Timeslider

Will Toggle the display of the the trackbar and timeslider.

Vray material Selector and Changer

Simple script which sets all VRay scene materials to a highlight glossiness value of 1.0 and turns off the reflection/highlight glossiness lock. Doesn't work on compound materials like Blend / Multi-sub...

Skin Tools

Various tools for use with the Skin modifier.

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