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The Maxscript 'Amiga' Demo

An Amiga-style old school sine wave scrolling demo written solely in Maxscript. This is an early unfinished first installment of a daft project to build a full 'megademo' using Maxscript.


copyMapChannel allows to copy the uvw coordinates from a channel to an other. You can select several objets at the same time. The result is stored in an modifier Unwrap and It is easy to edit it.


Displays various pieces of information regarding material properties of selected objects or the active material (such as the name of the Material on the selected object - the used MatIDs on the selected object - the map channels the active material is currently using - etc).


Export a mesh from Zbrush and modify it in Max - then export it and run the script.


It gets the scale of your object in system unit and rescale it . For example if I have a head modell that has a width of 1.55 cm (incorrect) and I want it to be 20 cm without try and error then I use Auto Scale

Reflect maker

It simply create Objects with correct material and properties to be used as reflect object


This script lets you select a object to be hidden or unhidden.
It supports single objects - a group of objects and hierachies.

This is usefull if your objects are distributed over several layers - for example development plans.


This macroscript lets you select a spline and generate one or more splines with a specified offset. Unlike the 3DS MAX offset function in 'Editable Spline' - this offset spline detached from the original spline.

Check the 'consecutive' checkbox to keep the result selected.


Takes selected objects (meshs - polys or splines) and seperates all their elements into seperate objects.


Lets you drop objects onto another object. For example - will drop a bunch of rocks onto an uneven ground surface.

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