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This script will apply a wirecolor to the selected obects using a gradient starting dark then getting lighter towards the end of the selection.


Takes selected objects (meshs - polys or splines) and seperates all their elements into seperate objects.


Lets you drop objects onto another object. For example - will drop a bunch of rocks onto an uneven ground surface.


This macroscript lets rename the selected object without switching to Modif-Panel. Handy - if you have to rename a lot of objects without a common name-structure.


normalize UVW allows to normalize the mapping coordinates of an face selection or of the whole object.

Google Earth Exporter

Export Google Earth models from 3D Studio Max 7!

Joystick Manipulator

A modified version of Bobo's Joystick Manipulator supporting NonUniform Scale and compounded valueXY for reaction manager purposes


copyMapChannel allows to copy the uvw coordinates from a channel to an other. You can select several objets at the same time. The result is stored in an modifier Unwrap and It is easy to edit it.

The Maxscript 'Amiga' Demo

An Amiga-style old school sine wave scrolling demo written solely in Maxscript. This is an early unfinished first installment of a daft project to build a full 'megademo' using Maxscript.


Looks for EGZ materials in the scene and converts them to their base VRay materials. Currently only converts multi-sub materials and base EGZ mats.

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