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It is a small script wich let you change width - height and samples of all the Mr_Area_Spots in the scene or Turn their area shadow On or Off . very hany when you want to render your secene (wich has several Area_light) with different arealight parameters. So you change it for all in one pass .


Displays various pieces of information regarding material properties of selected objects or the active material (such as the name of the Material on the selected object - the used MatIDs on the selected object - the map channels the active material is currently using - etc).


Export a mesh from Zbrush and modify it in Max - then export it and run the script.


It gets the scale of your object in system unit and rescale it . For example if I have a head modell that has a width of 1.55 cm (incorrect) and I want it to be 20 cm without try and error then I use Auto Scale

vertex animation exporter for warcraft3 (VAtools)

This tool can help you export vertex animation from 3dsmax to warcraft3. This is useful for us to create an animated flag or mantle quickly.

Crowd IT

(Crowd IT) is a Crowd choreography tool for 3d studio MAX which allows the user to quickly and effectively manage and render crowd scenes.

Real Collapse Maxscript

Repetition abounds when working on Poser props or making Torque Engine content. I often have to reset the Transform matrix in Max the hard way. Namely - draw a new box at 0 -0 -0; convert to mesh - attach my object to the box - then delete the box inside. Now the object is set to 0 -0 -0 with no rotations and i can continue working. Although Reset XForm does this.

Random Select

This maxscript allows you to randomly select vertices - faces - and edges of any editable mesh. Highlight the mesh you want and run the maxscript. You can choose a percent of elements you want selected and grow or subtract from your current selection. As in - dial 20% under the vertex rollout - hit select - and you have 20% of the vertices selected for editing.


If any object travels to another object on a spiral path it is very much annoying to manually create the blending animation of their material. Through this material you can calculate their distance and blending animation of their material. This is very much helpful for creating such scenes like character is going near to fire or touching something with magic wand.

Copy Properties

Basicly this is a personal script wich I made to speed up extruding and UVW mapping. This could be a useful script for people who draw splines in AutoCAD and extrude them in MAX. The properties that you can copy are: material - modifier(s) and z-position.

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