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Distribute Selection

Distributes the selection within the minimum and maximum values much like distribute in Photoshop or Flash


Manage all turbosmooth modifiers in the scene.
apply/delete/modify turbosmooth values for either :
1..entire scene or
2..selected objects


Bakes procedural textures as bitmaps rendered to a specified size. Designed as tool to aid in exporting materials to other 3d apps. For instance you might be using a nested tile / bitmap which of course can't be easily exported. Simply pick the map size you want to bake and all your procedural maps will be baked (rendered) as bitmaps and replaced in your scene.


Shoots a ray through the scene to determine the closest face on any object then sets the viewport transform matrix so the this face is oriented perpendicular to the view.

PFlow Crowd Coloring

PFlow Script Operator. Changes UV coordinates of instanced shape according to position of particle. Example file only


Tools for logo animation. Automatically creates hinge dummies where required. Also options to set visibility tracks.


Little utility to copy/instance and parent many objects at once


Can be used to animate Pivot Points. Use a parent dummy as pivot point. Press hold; animate it to another position; press restore. Voila fake pivot point animation


Attach control dummies to all control points of a FFD modifier.

Uses script controllers.

Monkeylab Select and Animate

Modifier to animate vertices. As an alternative to Linked XForms. Based on Select Poly modifier. Exposes controllers for every vertex. Button activates scripted dialog to create/edit control dummies for (soft) selection

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