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Ultra Edit Syntax File

This is a syntax file for Ultra Edit.

Working at Autodesk - I have had access to resources that most folks don't have - and using procedural methods - have generated an authoritative syntax file for Ultra Edit.
It lists
Every single scripter visible class
Every single scripter visible function - including functions off of global const structs

Color correct auto gamma

Searches the scene materials and assign color correct to all the difuse maps on te scene keeping the originals under the color correct. additionaly allows you to modify the gamma control on them.

It sets up vray color mapping to work on 2.2 gamma

Tweak Component Tool

This is all-in-one manipulation mode like a XSI 'Tweak Component Tool' for fast freeform modeling allows you to move - rotate or scale verts - edges and faces.

Colour Correct

Here's a rewrite of the colour correct applying script that I wrote a while back with a few improvements.

Visual Breakpoints for MAXScript

MXSBreakpoints.MAC is an UltraEdit macro that uses the bookmarks within UE as a form of visual breakpoints for the MXSDebugger. Just load the attached .MAC file in to UE's macro list to make use of it.


hello everyone - so after a really long thay working on this i decided to share it with all of you.
this script will automaticly upgrade your bitmap´s paths on your 3dsmax.ini retreiving those paths from a central file called path.ini that is located on central server.

Dynamic registration with mxscom

If you are like me - you have multiple max installations on your machine - but you want to use your favorite 3rd party text editor (via rezn8's mxscome bridge) with all of them. However if you are like me - you are probably tired of manually pointing mxscom to your particular installation of max everytime you want to switch.

Remove components

It is replacement of standard 'Remove'
Remove verts - edges - polys clean like a XSI 'Dissolve and Clean Adjacent Vertices'

PEN Auto Material

Auto Material is designed to aid in adding a base material to objects by selection - scene or automaticaly on creation. Serveral game clients have complained that their exporters will not work if there are not maps on every object in the scene and would like a solution to adding material as the objects are created.

Vertices By Edge Number

Fairly basic at this stage - it will filter the selected vertices to find those which have the specified number of edges ending at them. Written for a specific job - to work on a troublesome model.

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