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IK Tools

This tool can bake IK animation and correct bone's name to pass the requirement of warcraft3.


buEdgeSketch is a tool that draws the polygon edge.

Rezn8Tracks - Multi-Track Animation Tool

Rezn8Tracks is a 3dsmax tool for allowing multiple animation tracks for transform and visibility per-object. This allows for different version of an object's animation in the same scene or different animation types for user interface control's.

This has been used in-house for years - I'm now releasing this for public
consumption as a 1.0

Shape Backface

Defaults all shape objects to be created with the Backface Cull object property turned off.

Mini ZB

This tool started out simply as a way to manipulate high density meshes within Max.

As you know Max hates high density meshes...it has horrible response time and you can't do anything to them. MiniZB allows you to somewhat overcome this by working with sections of a large mesh at a time.


Use this script to wire the rotations of a bone chain to a control object. The rotations will be spread evenly along the chain with the last link having the most rotation on it.


While you have an edge selected executing this script will select theedge loop then remove the edges and verts associated with them


Bind this script to a hotkey to toggle between Onload and Offload for a characters rig.


This script is to change the registered biped for the Offloader_Hotkey_Toggle script.


Use this script to offload the deformation rig for a selected character. The character needs to be set upusing the naming convention listed in the tutorial section.Required File: TiM_Lib.ms

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