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WPF in 3ds Max

James Haywood covers the basics of integrating WPF inside 3ds Max 2011 using dotNet 3.5

Quoted from article:
"Some time ago I wanted to start getting my head around WPF, and especially how I could integrate tools made with WPF into Max. So I decided to start with something simple, which was to take an existing script that displays a progress bar using standard Max controls and convert it to WPF.

A few notes about code optimization

The base idea of this topic is to say to all coders - always to research, because this is the only way to get rid of any myths. Each myth may hinder your future development and may leave a wrong impression in us for the MaxScript language at all.


maxscript help for 3dsMax 2012

The maxscript help for 3dsMax 2012 has gone online. By default, 3dsMax doesn't ship with a local help for mascript and for the main program. When pressing the F1 key, your browser opens and finds the help online. This has its advantages and disadvantages. A big disadvantage is that you need an internet-connection, and if you have one, it needs to be fast. For many people this is a reason to download the help-files and use the local version instead.

Coding a 'Blueprint Manager' script series

This three-part video tutorial series is looking at how to create a ‘Blueprint Manager’ script in 3Ds Max.

3dsMax Monday Movie #65: MaxScript Basics

Text copied from author (Bluesummers) website - http://www.mrbluesummers.com ... Click the tutorial link below for more details and video transcription.

Python links

A collection of links to Python + MAXScript information available. If you find a useful post, add it in the comments and this post will be updated to include it.

CGTalk - Python + MXS - http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=98&t=509631

MAXScript tutorials. Procedural Modeling (Spanish)

En estos vídeos, aprenderás a crear un pluging de objeto en 3ds Max, usando la superclase SimpleObject.
Un plugin de objeto define una geometría basada en triángulos, cuya posición, número y orientación, forma un volumen en el espacio 3D. Estos objetos, pueden ser cajas, esferas, o cualquier cosa. En muchos sentidos es similar a las primitivas estándar de 3ds Max, pues el objeto puede variar de tamaño y de número de segmentos.
Estos videos, son parte de las materias de scripting de la Ingeniería en Animación Digital en la Universidad Panamericana en Guadalajara, México.

Maxscript help for 3dsMax 2012 update

I've written about setting up your local maxscript help-file: read it here. Alex Mak has posted a nice addition to this. Read it here on cgTalk. Now it's very easy to make your own, local maxscript help behave exactly the same as the online maxscript help. It automatically feeds the word at the cursor-position into the search field. This is what was missing from my previous solution.

BackBurner monitor undocumented cmd switches

In case you run multiple backburner managers (e.g. on notebook at several places or using local manager and manager in office) it is good idea to have icons for automatic connecting monitor to the different manager hosts.

I've found two working command line parameters for monitor.exe:

monitor -a
monitor -mservername

First one turns "Auto connect" on. Second one sets manager hostname and connects to it. (Note: There is no space between -m and hostname or ip)

Copy Protecting Maxscripts

Series of 3 tutorials from Stig Atle Steffensen about Copy Protecting Maxscripts - including "Getting hardware lock info", "Making the license file" and "Using the license file".


Snippet from site:
"If you are an individual, or a company that makes maxscripts, and do not want to distribute the source, and make a copyprotection, then this article is for you.

"This article assumes you have the basic knowledge of writing maxscripts, but a fully working sourcode is supplied, which you can dissect and use as you please.

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