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Maxscripts And Mathematics Part 1(Introduction)

Its like this,you buy a television that comes with a remote control. The remote control only allows you to adjust the volume,,brightness,color, contrast and mute it. That is what the designer made for you. take it or leave it. But what if you wanted the remote to be designed in a way that you could assign a specific volume level to each channel. What if you could make it mute when a specific time interval has passed. Well,the designer didnt know you had this idea. In this series of tutorials,i will be presenting tutorials using mathematics inside maxscript.

Maxscripts And Mathematics Part 3(Tangential Circles)

Look at the image below

Maxscripts And Mathematics Part 2(Adjusting the segments of a plane)

Suppose you create a plane in 3ds max , and you want the width segments and lenght segments to be adjusted automatically so that the blocks are square.

[not square]


Let the Length be L,Width be W,Length Segments be x  And Width Segments be y.

a is the size of the  length block.

Maxscripts And Mathematics Part 4(Adjusting the segments of a Cylinder)

This tutorial is similar to the part 2(Adjusting the segments of a plane),but this time its a cylinder. Suppose you create a cylinder in 3ds max,and you want either the sides or the heightsegs(i chose the heightsegs) to be adjusted automatically so that the blocks are square.

C=a*x approximates the circumference of the circle.

MaxScript 2012-2015 CHM Help

After some time looking to get back the behavior of the MaxScript help previous to 2012, I couldn't find any information to do:

Press F1 to open the CHM Help file (not a combination of keys)
Open a single instance of the CHM file
Pass the selected word to the Index tab.

Finally with the help of a "lost" little utility, I got it working (mostly) as it used to be.

What do you need?

1. The CHM file
2. The little utility "KeyHH.exe"

You can download the CHM files from the following links:

3ds Max 2012

Using Regex in 3dsMax

There used to be two things in life that truly scared me. One was the soundtrack from Frozen. The other was Regular Expressions. Find out which one I said "Let it go" to...

MAXScript Cheat Sheet

This is a fantastic 2 page reference (written by Markus Boos) for those starting out with MAXScript! From the site description: Ever try exploring the power of MAXSCRIPT? If it seems too confusing to attempt, try this 2-page cheat sheet that covers most of the major concepts in one easy to read reference, courtesy of MAXSCRIPT guru Markus Boos

Link: MAX Script Cheat Sheet

3ds Max 2014 Extension Release – Introducing Python!

There's a new Autodesk GetCOREInterface blog that focuses on customization and programming 3ds Max. Kevin Vandecar has written a blog post introducing Python in 3ds Max 2014 Extension.

Get list of all subfolders

-- How to get list of all sub folders in special path --

function GetAllSubDirs_fn MyDirectory =
temp = #();
s = 1;
folders = getDirectories (MyDirectory + "/*");
t = folders.count;
while s < t do
for i = s to t do (temp = getDirectories (folders[i]+"*");
for j = 1 to temp.count do folders[folders.count+1] = temp[j] );
s = t;
t = folders.count;
sort folders
return folders;
-- call the function whit a folder path --


Bézier curves (Spanish with English commentary)

In these videos, you will learn how to create a Bézier curve in MAXScript and ton know all it´s mathematical details.

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