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Mesh primitive that behaves similat to the Patch Grid. Point helpers are used as handles, which means animating them or using wire paramaters with them is easy. Linking the helpers to another parent would break it, though, so if you want to do something like that, use constraints instead (Link constraint or Position constraint depending on what you want to achieve).

Patch Mesh

Primitive Maker

75 votes

Creates a new Primitive from a template object.

Quad Cylinder

6 votes

With this scripted plug-in, you can create cylinders with quad topology on the cap. That is often usefull when you apply a subdivision like MeshSmooth or TurboSmooth. And the parameters are animatable.

Step Pyramid

15 votes

Procedural object (simpleObject) scripted plug-in

Copy this (.ms) to Max "stdplugs\stdscripts\" folder

Step Pyramid is in the "Create/Geometry" tab in the "Scripted Primitives" menu

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