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UV 2 Mesh

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Converts your object(s)'s UV-Map to an Editable Poly or Mesh, also supports the creation of a "Bakingplane" to enable a faster workflow for planar highPoly modeling.

After some requests i decided to put it up as a standalone, have phun.


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- quickly detach mesh elements from UV seams.
- Flatten the Mesh following the UV.
- go from your mesh to the flatten one with a morpher

Updates :
– faster algorithm
– better edge separation, avoid separate triangle faces

Unwrella UV-Helper: Blue Edge Selection To Green Seams

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This script converts (blue) pelt edge-selections into normal (green) texture seams.
It is used to skip the tedious manual parting process and it creates instantly separated UV parts.


Mainly for use with Unwrella 2.

There's an extra button for clearing all seams from the mesh.

Last Update: max 2013 compatibility, detailed tutorial video added

Roadkill Link

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Roadkill is an excellent, free app that makes unwrapping models a breeze. This script improves the workflow between 3DS max and Roadkill.

- Enables easy selection of roadkill cut edges.
- Automates exporting and importing to and from roadkill.

The script, instructions and a link to the Roadkill app can be found here:


-16/4/2010 Fixed a bug in Max 2010 where the edges marked in Max were not the edges cut by Roadkill.

Simply Cool Uv Tool

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This is my first script.Made for fun. Actually i needed to move selected uv clusters exactly 1 uv tile in witch direction i choose so i made a script. And added a few things...

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Rock Generator by Poly Design 3D

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2017 version

Rock Generator Script for 3dsMax

This script generates procedural random shaped rocks both low poly and highpoly.
Lowpoly mesh matches perfectly with highpoly mesh so you can easily bake normal map from highpoly to lowpoly.
Lowpoly mesh is automatic relaxed uvw mapped.
Lowpoly mesh uvs are bake ready.
Lowpoly mesh has clear non-overlapping uvs.
You can change advanced parameters or you can simply click "random seed" then click "generate detailed rock" it will give totally different results.

miauu's Transfer Edges: Poly <-> UVW

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Hello, it's a simple script which make life easier for game-dev 3d artists.

Channel Cleaner 1.2

Channel Cleaner:

-Clean selected UV channel

-Clean several UV  channels "From: N-channel To: N-channel"

-Clean Vertex Color/Illumination/Alpha channels

-Works with editable poly and mesh

-Works with one and multiple objects

Thats all.

UPDATED to version 1.2:

VECmap tools

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VECmap tools is a new toolset to paint and use vector maps inside 3dsmax.

These tools allow you to paint vector maps directly on your meshes, and use them to drive particles, UV or mesh deformations, Vray Fur and probably other things.

We've created it for our latest client work. We wanted to share it with you because it's very usefull and opens a whole new world, specially for particles.


Make planar & UV align commands

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Hey, guys.
Just a simple set of commands you can find in the Algomorph Category under Main UI group once you've put the scripts in your Macro folder and run them. These commands don't appear in either MainUI group / Editable Poly category or in the Editable Poly or the Edit Poly group, although they do appear as on-screen rollout buttons.

As far as the UV align X or align Y functionality goes, this doesn't explicitly exist in Max as a shortcut or button command, which is kind-of an old feature that Max was always lacking contrary to some other 3D apps...

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