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Update Shader Utilities for 3dsmax2015

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Hi Guys,

Shader Utilities Pro for 3dsmax2015 is released. Update and Bug Fix!

New Tutorial  in english !!!

- support Vray 2.x to mental ray
- support Iray Material  & MILA Layering Shader from NVidia
- Global Shader Optimizing: Reflection/Refraction, AO, CutOff´s, Bitmap Blur/Filtering ...
- Cleaner ( incompatible Maps, DWG, Revit import)
- Global Settings Optimizer (Sample Curve Technology only by Infinity Vision)

have fun!

UV Tools

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[Admin update - this is a commercial script]

UV Tools is a 3d studios max plugin designed for making the process of
UVW mapping easier. Designed mainly for use directly while in Editable
Polygon mode, you can use it directly alongside while you are modeling
or editing your geometry.

Vert Average

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A bit like (exacly like!) collapse vert but with no weld.

Viewport mode toggler - Wire/Face/Smooth

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Got a need for something like this when I was modeling something mechanical and the embedded 'smooth' in the meshsmooth modifier were bugging me since it made it hard to see the proper flow of the faces. This script is a little 'hack' to using the standard viewport mode shortcuts - and I personally have it mapped to the F3 key instead of the default.

Visual Breakpoints for MAXScript

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MXSBreakpoints.MAC is an UltraEdit macro that uses the bookmarks within UE as a form of visual breakpoints for the MXSDebugger. Just load the attached .MAC file in to UE's macro list to make use of it.


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"Let you watch object properties and variable values. Screenshot 1 - Screenshot 2
Version 2.0 Update:Requires no additional components library as before and supports both max3.x and max4.x"


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Here you're - little value watcher in it's own floater. Think it will be usefull for all of you scripting people. You may watch any MXS values and statements - for ex.: 'x' - 'currentTime' - '$.pos' -'sceneMaterials[1].diffusecolor.keys[2].time' - etc.


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"The very good script of David Humpherys - slightly modified. It creates a set of layers - exactly as in Photoshop - to classify objects of your scene. They are easy to select - hide or freeze. You can even use an alternate material for rendering!


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A scatter - which instanciate - copy or just move a set of objects to vertices of a given support. Some parameters allow scattering on 1 or 2 axis only - this in any coordinate system.

Z Manager

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This is a 3dsMax manager tool, preferably for Vray users, very useful for editing architectural models created with other software (eg. ArchiCAD) and fast scene setup. Very useful tools for Selection, Rendering, Incremental Rendering, Copy/Paste objects from other scenes, Material Replacer, Animation with Moving Objects, Exporting/Importing Vray Proxy with material and so on...

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