Tagged 'MCG Icicles Barnacles' http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/mcg/tags/mcg-icicles-barnacles en MCG Icicles http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/mcg/mcg-icicles <p>This is a variant of the the CloneOnVerts but will affect only faces/verts that are facing somewhat down. It is quite rudimentary and due to performance issues with MCG right now...it remains...rudimentary. However, I see this is just a stepping stone for later on...</p> <p><img src="/files/u15473/icicles.jpg" alt="" /></p> <p><a href="http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/mcg/mcg-icicles" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/mcg/mcg-icicles#comments MCG MCG Icicles Barnacles Sun, 09 Aug 2015 02:14:28 +0000 vusta 12847 at http://www.scriptspot.com