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Lock COM Bip

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This script is actived to the 'lock COM keying' toggle, including Horizontal, Vertical and Rotation tracks at once in the selection track of the Biped root objects.


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 Joint Bend Rig Elbow Setup PreviewJOINT BEND RIG Shoulder Setup Preview

A Tool to greatly speed up and simplify the process of skinning the joints of characters,especially shoulders and hips which are notoriously difficult to skin. THE NEW VERSION 2 OF THE JOINT BEND RIG HAS A BIAS CONTROL TO CONTROL THE AMOUNT OF TWIST IN THE JOINT


Stepped Playback

16 votes

This script allows you to playback any animations in stepped mode. It simply goes through your trackbar keys one by one in real time. I use it to play my Biped animations in stepped mode since you can't change f-curves with the Biped. Enjoy!

Biped Manipulator

28 votes
Biped Manipulator - MAX script, allows to select fast any objects/bones and also the whole groups of objects as arms, legs and spine. Since manipulator uses objects names to select objects/bones it is posible to use it with any riggs sytems like Character Studio, CAT, custom riggs etc. Biped Manipulator doesn't occupy much screen place. If there are several bipeds on the scene it is possible to use for convenience several Biped Manipulators.


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This script is alternative way
Quick enough for help you setting keys TCB control Biped - You can set manual with button one by one or automatic batch button for all keys

tips: Check out every tooltips button for help

stretchy biped

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Notes:The Script helps you to setup stretchy biped
bones (arms,legs,spine,etc) quickly with 1 mouse click. It simply adds
a parameter “stretchy” to first selected bone(modifier stack) from
selection. ( you can copy paste modifier where ever you want after

Installation: Just drag-drop or put in your “usermacros” folder

Usage: 3dsmax>>customize>>lm_Rigging(Catagory)>>SquashyBiped (assign a key,quadmenu,etc)


Convert Biped to Bones

17 votes

After setting up a biped to your character's base pose, use this tool to create a base skeleton rig.

Since you are using biped, you can scale the rig into place, and utilize its mirror function so you only have to do half the side. Then run the tool, and the rig will be made.


12 votes

The macroscript allows a biped to be follow another object. The
Biped's horizontal/vertical/turning keys will be modified to match the
objects'. Optionally additive or original key useage is allowed. Meant
to use motionmixed 'gameanimations' and let them follow a path.

Worker of Biped

35 votes

Based on Blur's Biped Worker, this script creates a floater interface allowing easier selection of a biped's different body parts. It will simultaneously support several Bipeds with different bone setups. Multi-bone (Control-Click), hierarchical (Shift-Click), symmetry and opposite selections are also supported, as are the setting of commonly use pivot points all within the GUI.

Rigging Army Knife

28 votes

This is an advanced toolset for rigging. For a full features list refer to the included readme.

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