Tagged 'text' https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/tags/text en Dynamic Text https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/dynamic-text <p>Creates a animatable text that changes depending on time. You can use curve editor for changing dependence.</p> <p>Useful for creating animated infographic labels and tags.</p> <p><img src="http://www.scriptspot.com/files/u47486/dynamictext2.png" /></p> https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/dynamic-text#comments Scripts 3d 3dmax animated Animation dynamic maxscript text Wed, 02 Aug 2017 17:13:15 +0000 andrfil 14242 at https://www.scriptspot.com Object info [free] https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/object-info-free <p><img src="http://s8.hostingkartinok.com/uploads/images/2016/10/aea0f3812ae0cd65173b6f316f3ea1d0.jpg" /></p> <p>A little free utility which shows information about selected objects. The field is editable so you can copy information to the clipboard.</p> https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/object-info-free#comments Scripts 1-click automatically data group information maxscript names object script selection text Sun, 09 Oct 2016 18:20:46 +0000 Crea3D 13757 at https://www.scriptspot.com ShowName https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/showname <p><img src="http://www.scriptspot.com/files/u43328/showname.gif" alt="" height="283" width="621" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>INSTALL: drop file to viewport and copy this file in "Startup" folder of Max</strong></p> <p><strong>Установка: Перетащить *.ms во въюпорт и скопировать этот файл в папку макса "Startup"</strong></p> <p>Actions are stored in Category: "Niklit Scripts"</p> https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/showname#comments Scripts name object show text viewport Thu, 07 Aug 2014 06:26:51 +0000 Nik 11457 at https://www.scriptspot.com VizRobot https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/vizrobot https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/vizrobot#comments Scripts animated Animation automated automation fade fade in fadein fade out fadeout Joel Burbage large ranger selection sets selections Selectionset selectionsets text text file text input turn off turn on visibility visibility ranger visibility track visible Mon, 17 Nov 2014 23:43:06 +0000 flyinhawaiian 11937 at https://www.scriptspot.com Render Info Strip https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/render-info-strip <p>This script was created upon request as a vray frame stamp replacement, intended for mental ray and scanline rendrers.</p> <p><img src="/files/u1362/infostrip_ui.png" alt="" width="302" height="527" /></p> <p>It allows custom information to be displayed in the rendered image, with user defined font size, style, colors and opacity of the strip background. In addition to predefined keywords, there are five custom expressions and one script value. Original render frame buffer can either be closed or kept open.&nbsp;The settings and callbacks are saved in the .max files.</p> <p><a href="https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/render-info-strip" target="_blank">read more</a></p> https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/render-info-strip#comments Scripts callback information mental ray render text Thu, 07 Jul 2011 20:39:09 +0000 Swordslayer 7208 at https://www.scriptspot.com Round Text https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/round-text <p>Round Text Version 0.2</p> <p> * Creates text in a circular shape<br /> * Fully interactive UI : Spin the spinners and see the changes<br /> * Tested with 3dsMax 9<br /> * Free for any kind of use and modification<br /> * By Psan, Distributed through Oormi Creations</p> https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/round-text#comments Scripts Round text Fri, 31 Dec 2010 21:06:26 +0000 oormicreations 6654 at https://www.scriptspot.com Show Main Notes https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/show-main-notes <p>This 'bean script' just open notes from text file.<br /> May looks like as 'popup notes' kind of scripts,<br /> but it not create or add something to the scene file.<br /> Come in handy then you need quick access (to read/edit)<br /> some major notes without opening the scene file.</p> <p><img src="http://www.scriptspot.com/files/u9133/showmainnotes.png" alt="" /></p> <p><span class="geshifilter"><code class="maxscript geshifilter-maxscript"><span style="color: #3cb878; font-style: italic;">-- What it does --</span></code></span><br /> When open/load a scene file, it check for a text file<br /> with the same name at the same dir, and if found it,<br /> just open it in your default text editor (e.g. NotePad).</p> <p><span class="geshifilter"><code class="maxscript geshifilter-maxscript"><span style="color: #3cb878; font-style: italic;">-- Purpose-built --</span></code></span></p> <p><a href="https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/show-main-notes" target="_blank">read more</a></p> https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/show-main-notes#comments Scripts anubis clean external file notes popup scene startup text Sun, 14 Nov 2010 03:06:25 +0000 Anubis 6526 at https://www.scriptspot.com showNodeLabels https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/shownodelabels <p><img src="/files/u195/showNodeLabels.jpg" alt="Example for viewport labels" height="158" width="193" />This macroscript allows you to turn on text labels for specific scene nodes, so you can permanently see the node names in the viewport, even if they currently are not selected. This is for the viewport only (the labels will not render) and the label will follow the bounding box of your nodes, whether you animate them, or change their geometry in any other way.</p> <p><a href="https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/shownodelabels" target="_blank">read more</a></p> https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/shownodelabels#comments Scripts display label node text viewport Sat, 16 Jan 2010 23:31:25 +0000 Martin Breidt 5802 at https://www.scriptspot.com infoOverlay https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/infooverlay <p> <img src="/files/195/infoOverlay_screenshot.jpg" alt="infoOverlay UI screenshot" title="infoOverlay UI screenshot" hspace="5" vspace="5" width="250" height="413" align="left" /><strong>Updated to v0.9</strong> - This Render Effect displays additional information such as frame number - file name - render time etc. as overlay onto your rendered image. Useful for previews - previzualisation and other non-final renderings - should work with any 3dsmax-compliant renderer. All parameters animatable.  </p> <p><a href="https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/infooverlay" target="_blank">read more</a></p> https://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/infooverlay#comments Scripts overlay render effect Rendering text Sat, 21 Oct 2006 03:45:42 +0000 Martin Breidt 2793 at https://www.scriptspot.com