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FX Optimizer

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shareFFXdata 1.1

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With this script you can copy settings from one FumFx to many others, you can also select which settings you want to copy.
Double clicking in the scripts list will open the clicked FumeFx's UI. Rightklicking the Reference FumeFx in the scripts UI will open the Reference FumeFx UI.
Selecting a path and forcing it will create a separate folder for each FumeFx with its name inside the specified parent folder.
And finally running the simulation for all FumeFx in the list, or if desired, running the Reference FumeFx as leader of the list is possible.



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Let FumeFX lights convenient and fast, specifically to see the video demo

FumeFX ModernUI

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FumeFX ModernUI is a tool for 3ds Max that helps reducing repetitive tasks when simulating with FumeFX. It has a clear interface (therefore the name) and comes with an easy to use installer.

FumeFX System Scale

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I made this to easily manipulate, and keep track of the systemScale of my Fume grids

It's great if you're scared of Maxscript or just want a more straightforward way to manipulate your grid scale

FumeFX Priority Simulation

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Hi all,
This is Jae.
This is a really simple script that can set priority on murtiple fumefx boxes and run it based on their priority.
The priority can be set with arrow buttons in the UI.
It can also choose murtiple scene files and see if the files have fumefx boxes or not and run the simulation.
Hope it can be useful for anyone.
Thank you.

FumeFX Dimension Copy

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FumeFX Dimension Copy

This macroscript takes a selected Box and then copies it's dimensions and creates a Fume grid with the same area. I got sick of having to drag out a real-world scale Box and then dragging out a fume grid to match. This just takes the extra step out of it.

FumeFX Grid Settings Deep Copy

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This script copies settings from one grid to another. It does not touch output paths, size etc, but it'll merge the other parameters from one grid to one or more other grids. Handy if you have a lot of grids, do a change in one and need to apply the same changes to all the other grids.

Current version has a couple of limitations. It does not support copying all effectors and keys from colors.



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This script is here to speed up our workflow. A combination of scripts put together to quickly access animation, rendering, lighting, fumefx, frost, vray, Krakatoa and other utilities. more info coming soon

FumeFX to VrayVolumeGrid miniscript

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Fumefx 2 VrayVolumeGrid -FFX2VrayVG miniscript v0.1 -- 8/9/2019
Created by David Aviles. [email protected] .

FFX2VrayVG is a small script that creates vrayvolumegrid/s from two or
more selected and already simmed FumeFX grids.
It will align the created VrayVolumeGrids to the FumeFx ones and rename
them accordingly as well as loading the cache files from the master FumeFx grids.

It was inspired by Fumefx VZim v1.4 script -- 8/5/2019 .
Created by Ronnee Swenton and Property of White Wizard Entertainment, LLC.

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