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Blender Scale

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3dsMax Script for Appling Scale on Sub Levels Similar to Blender ,

  • Works with Editable Spline, Editable Mesh, Editable Poly Objects .
  • Depends on Current Coordinate Systems , (Coordinate Center not Used) .

Render Node Manager

15 votes

- NEW - monitor node status: on/off, CPU, Memory and DR status
- NEW - connect with nodes by - RNM Server
- much simpler to setup (RNM Server works without Remote Desktop)

Render Nodes Manager is a network tool. It allows to remotely start / restart / stop DR (VRaySpawner , Corona DrServer, Octane Daemon) on selected servers / nodes.

It helps to solve typical problem when user cancel distributed rendering and render nodes don't pick up for some time...

It can also monitor status of the nodes: on/off, CPU, Memory ussage and DR statuses (if they run or now)

Unhide by Select

1 vote

This script allows you to unhide hidden objects by selecting them via mouse click or via Select From Scene dialog(H hotkey).

How to use it:
1) run the script - all visible objects will disappear. In the viewport you will see all hidden objects. If the script is assigned as a toolbar button it will stay pressed.
2) select the objects which you want to unhide.
3) run the script again - in the viewport you will see your original visible objects + the objects you have selected.

One Click Albedo for Corona render and V-ray

5 votes

Script Description:

This script is made to automatically adjust the albedo of materials in the scene. Too high albedo may slow rendering process down and make the materials look unrealistic. Especially when an object with a high albedo occupies the most part of frame area. Corona Render developers recommend to keep albedo of your materials under RGB 180 (For diffuse color or texture).

Object ID Organizer

23 votes

 - Select / Filer from selected Layers
 - assign Unique or Random IDs for multiselection
 - new '-' and '+' buttons to shift selected IDs by +1 or -1
 - added 'Add name prefix: #' (in Add to Render Elements) - for automatic channels in Pulze Post Manager

Free test versions available - Please check end of description

Object ID Organizer is similar to my previous Material ID Organizer.

It helps to quickly organize / inspect Object IDs in the scene and create MultiMatteElelemnts or Corona CMultiMatte.

Universal Select By

5 votes

This Script for Selecting Objects By Class Or Name Or Bitmap Name According to 6 Types :

Cityscape Pro

6 votes


• Visualize your project with an immersive, vibrant city environment

• Concentrate on creative work by automating repetitive tasks

Spline Check

3 votes

Spline Check is a new free diagnostic plugin: https://www.simpolium.com/spline-check/

☑ Identify and display open splines in the viewport
☑ Detect spline self-intersection
☑ Display the number of total segments of the spline


0 votes

With this script you can open and close single or multiple groups in 3ds max. There is also a possibility to select all object in the scene – the “select all” Button. This script is tested at 3ds max 2016 and 3ds max 2021.

Script category: “#todorScripts”.

You can downlod it from my website:

Instance Tool

49 votes

Instance tool analyze the geometry objects in the scene and finds groups of objects that could be represented as instances of one of them. Then the user can turn every group into actual instances and choose which object from the group will be preserved. The objects in the group are objects that have the same topology (could be morph targets of one another) and the difference between them could be described with transformation alone.

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