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Brick Wall Builder is a scripted plugin created using 3ds max MCG and as the name tells it creates a various shapes of brick walls with huge amount of flexibility like you can choose multiple kinds of stones and apply a random materials to them in addition to changing the position,rotation and scale uniformly or randomly. It's as simple as just picking the shape and the brick and it will do the rest, and when you are done with distribution you like and thought of changing the shape length do worry also has the ability of maintaining the count and distribution while you are doing so. 

How to install: After downloading and unzipping the file go to Scripting menu and choose Install Max Creation Graph. after installing you will find it in command panel creation tab under VFXarabia category.

Please for more info check the tool videos or the tool page on my website:


Alaa Al Nahlawi

Additional Info: 

Update 1.1:

-I fixed the straight lines issue (in case your shape was a rectangle with straight angles for example).

-The parameters now in system unit.

-Increased the limits of some spinners.

-Fixed the min and max, so when you put one for min you will get one.

-Be careful if there is no objects in the end part list please do disable the end part check button or else the tool wont update.

Update 1.2:

-Random scale remapped and goes from 0 to 100 properly now.

-Adjusting the path vertexes on Z axis will mess up the bricks orientation in a weird way, now it's fixed and however you modify it it will stay pointing up.

Update 1.3:

-The bricks are one unit shifted on z axis when created, it's fixed now.

-Now the tool will preserve your bricks Material IDs and will not overwrite them to (1).

-I removed the proxy feature, it doesn't work as it's suppose to work. Instead you can apply BBox modifier to your brick.

-Since last update Side Shift uses the wrong direction, it's fixed now.

Update 1.4:

Error message solved : Can't find operator VuTransFormsOnCurve

3ds Max Version Requirement: 
Other Requrements: 
Extension 1
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brick_wall_builder_1.0.zip29.65 KB
brick_wall_builder_1.1.zip31.67 KB
brick_wall_builder_1.2.zip32.34 KB
brick_wall_builder_1.3.zip29.72 KB
brick_wall_builder_1.4.zip29.67 KB


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Alaa alnahlawi's picture

I think in ex2 they Curve

I think in ex2 they Curve index, so I think you need to use this modified one.

and there is a problem in ext2 the random is not working properly, I reported this problem to autodesk.


joelauduo's picture

Thanks for sharing but can't work :(

3dsmax 2016 sp2 ext2
Can't find operator GetCurveLength...
please help me~thank u!
I like it very mush!its very cool mcg!!

vusta's picture

must have EXT1

that param belongs to EXT1, you must have Max 2016 SP1+EXT1 installed

rhed's picture

can't install script

hi, i tried to install but it says "validation failed. error occured deserializing node: can't find operation parameter: array

please what shall i do.


capture.jpg 21.43 KB
vusta's picture

here you are...

yes the Custom UI will override the value you put in the parameter...but as good habit, I make sure I change both to the same value, anyway I've changed both to max 99999. Then I dialled in value 55555, save, exit, reopen max file...and value stays.

Unless I'm a bit slow in understanding your actual question :)....just re-explain it to me...

Alaa alnahlawi's picture

Claus, I'm trying to make the

Claus, I'm trying to make the tool stack rocks what ever the size is.
and for the unit part I will check it out, it should be easy to fix.

Vu, hey man I already did that but every time max starts and evaluate the tool it overwrite that part of parameters, so when I use the tool you will find an empty rollouts, and all of them are stacked in the first one.

vusta's picture

Edit Graph Properties

for any graph that has 'custom' UI, you have to modify in 2 places:

01) the parameter itself, most obvious
02) Edit>Edit Graph Properties>Custom UI....find it and modify to the
same value(s)


Custom UI allows 'nicer' grouping and labelling and a bit more 'script' stuff in there ( i don't pretend to know what I'm talking about here...)

claus73's picture

System units problem

First - Awesome script.
Second - My system units is set to mm. and the vertical gap and probably other parameters doesn't go higher than 10 cm's which is problematic for my 12 cm brick.

I've tried to change the max value in the the creation graph my self, but it does not seem to effect the tool in the scene.

Suggestions for further improvements.
It would be great if I could choose half a brick to be placed every second stone at the end of a wall to make a flush end/opening.

Thank you : )

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