Para 3d 4.93 released.

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Para 3d Version 4.93 release date: 7-June-2017

This is an upgrade to Para 3d 4.9 and you must install Para3d 3d v4.9 prior installing the upgrade .

New features

  • "Non selected" option has been added to Para Edit poly sub-object selection methods.
  • Using Test controller you can check if a list contains a float number or not.
  • User can control the precision in Curve controller.
  • Enable modifier options has been added to reference arrays (Parametric Array).


  • bug fixed in displaying values (spinners) in controller settings (Max 2017 & 2108)
  • Bug in Graph controller and Magnet controller display is fixed
  • Bug in adding attributes to Parametric Array is fixed
  • Bug in transferring controllers from old array to new array is fixed
  • Vertex normal method in Mesh controller returns the true normal if edit poly method selected
  • Bug fixed reloading the magnet controller settings
  • Bug fixed in saving the point positions in Graph controller.
  • In Mesh controller the outgoing edges of a vertex are computed as outward vectors (unified direction)
  • In Mesh controller the length/width and height of the local bounding box is corrected.
  • In Mesh controller The bisector of vertices of a face are now returned in order.
  • Bug fixed in reverse array functionality in Array variable controller.

See previous changes in Para 3d 4.91

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ali torabi's picture

para 2.1 installation

Check this link for troubleshooting the installation
let me know if it's working with you now,

cmetamechanic's picture

errors in both (2011/2012)

Ali thank you for responding so quickly.

I re-installed 2011 to see if I could get Parametric Array to work.

the errors:

(1) ' --No ""+"" function for undefined '
(2) ' ---Runtime error: doNet resume exeption: Access to the path 'C:\Program Files....\parametric array\log.dat is denied"

trying another computer.

ali torabi's picture

Max version

currently works on 2009/2010/2011
also it works on 2012 with a few functions disabled.

cmetamechanic's picture


what versions will this run on? will it work on 2012?

ali torabi's picture

purchase from IRAN

Would like to buy license from IRAN (my mother country) ? please send your request to our agent in IRAN via this email address : [email protected]
thank you

ali torabi's picture

Hackers tried to attack our website.

There was an attack by hackers a few days back to our website, we closed the website once we realized this issue. the website is now recovered and it's working properly.

Bid's picture


When I try to go to your web page I get a virus warning about a Trojan loader

The requested URL cannot be provided

The requested object at the URL:

Threat detected:

object infected Trojan-Downloader.JS.Iframe.cks

xero.ig21's picture

how ?

hi dear ali
how can i purchase it frome iran ? i don't have any foreign bank card !
and the license ! How long is valid ??
how i can upgrade to seconde edition ?

W DIGITAL's picture

Hi Ali, add this video

Hi Ali,
great job!
will test it out now!

MichaelB's picture

Having problems with the

Having problems with the tool:

1. the units used for length transformations are no real world units - my 3DS units are however metric. There is thus a permanent source of conflict between used units here or there.

2. the arrays created with the linear incremental input do not behave as described. Changing the number of items in the array to less items drops a copy without re-arranging the whole distance. Increasing the number of items is without effect. Moving the first or last item doesn´t result in a re-alignment of the array like in arrays created by a linear total input.

No idea which is the source of this misbehaviour of this type of array. As an information: it is running on 3DS 2011 and Windows Vista.

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