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ShaderFX 1.5 is now available

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Kees Rijnen and I would like to announce that version 1.5 of ShaderFX (the node-based real-time shader editor for 3ds Max) is now available at http://www.lumonix.net/shaderfx.html. This version is a free upgrade to those who have already purchased the plugin - and as always - a free demo is available for download.

Moody - 3ds max free character Rig v1.0 Release

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Moody Free 3ds max Rig
features :FK-ik controls , stretchy limps &spine , bendy-curvy limps ,biped mocap support ,pose manger, Autolipsync , dynamic realtime -limited- cloth system -2ndry motion , other usefull tools integrated.

more info and download

PolyBoost 4.1 has been released

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Version 4.1 of PolyBoost has now been released with support for 3ds max 2009 and 3ds max 2009 Design. The new version includes several bugfixes and code optimization, no new features. It is also available for 3ds max9 and 2008. The upgrade is free for existing users. Visit the Polyboost website to download.

3ds Max Programming Contest - $1000 Prize

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TurboSquid is holding a programming contest with a first prize of $1000. The contest calls for a utility that checks 3D models for certain attributes. Entrants can use MAXScript or any other programming language to write the utility.

Polyboost 4.0 Released

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News from the Polyboost website:

PolyBoost 4.0 has now been released! Almost all parts of PolyBoost have now been converted to c++ using the 3ds max SDK which means a lot for the speed and efficiency of the tools. They are now just as fast as native max tools would be! New tools in this release include Symmetry Tools, Texture Wrap, Cavity, Density, Dust and SubSurface Map, UV Space, SurfaceSelect, SymmetrySelect, StepLoop and surface offset for the PolyDraw tools. View the preview video here and read more about the update here. The upgrade is free for existing users.

For more info visit www.polyboost.com

Andy Murdock makes Automatron 1.2 free

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Andy Murdock has updated Automatron (his character animation system) to version 1.2 and released it for FREE.

Read more about Automatron and get your own copy here - http://www.lotsofrobots.com/automatron/Automatron_FS.htm

Dual Quaternion finally landed on 3dsmax!

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3dsmax has linear vertex blending for skinning by default, this causes a lot of artifact during bones rotation, especially
the classic candywrap effect. Dual Quaternion skinning mantains volume a lot better, BUT it cannot be used alone as general solution. In some situations you still would like to mantain linear skinning AND with XrayBlendSkin YOU CAN!
You can even paint the amount of Dual Quaternions influence.
- Dual quaternion skinning to avoid candy wrap artifacts
- Interactive bind between linear and dual quaternions.
- Paint blending

PolyBoost 3.0 released

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10 Year Anniversary Contest #1 - CG Textures Membership

72 votes

It's the 10th Anniversary of ScriptSpot and there are quite a few prizes to give away! There will be a new contest with new prizes every Monday - you'll have an opportunity to win and may increase your chances of winning by referring your friends! This is the first contest and is valid from 5/17 thru 5/21. 

Let the giveaways begin!

"RE-launch" Raffle #1 - Win 3ds max training DVDs from CG-Academy

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Thanks to the fine folks over at CG-Academy, there are 2 sets of prizes for this raffle. The first prize winner will receive the complete set of CGA MAXScript DVDs (worth £126) + £150 worth of DVDs (Winners choice…). The second prize winner will receive the complete set of CGA MAXScript DVDs (worth £126).

Our Winners Are:

  • 1st Place: Charley Carlat who will be receiving the complete set of CGA MAXScript DVDs (worth £126) + £150 worth of DVDs of his choice.
  • 2nd Place: Dee Stringer who will be receiving the complete set of CGA MAXScript DVDs


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