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MEM's Max2Maya - maya viewport navigation in 3ds Max

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Hello everybody. I want to share with you something I whipped up these past couple of days.

IMPORTANT! In order for all the controls to work, the pan and zoom hotkeys inside 3ds max must NOT be altered.

Also, make sure you close max before installing this, or it won't install.

It's basically an alternate viewport navigation inside 3ds Max that tries to mimic maya's Alt + Click viewport navigation to some extent. I am aware that there is at least one commercial solution out there that does this, but this one is free and I thought you might like that little detail.

Bubble Modifier

43 votes

Works like sculpt deform in Maya.

A SimpleMod scripted plug-in modifier which inflates or pinches
an object according to the transformation of the modifier's gizmo, the radius and falloff parameters.

The Radius is the length of the offset a vertex would get if it's distance
from the gizmo evaluates as zero. This parameter can be set to a negative value as well to create a pinch effect.


36 votes

This is an external lexer for the scintilla based maxscript editor that ships with 3dsmax 2008 and later.

It adds syntax highlighting for C++, C#, Python and Ruby source code to the editor. This comes in handy if you are doing just-in-time compilation of external source through .NET.


36 votes

VoroFrag is a free modifier that allows to make voronoi fragmentation. It handles convex and concave objects, as well as hollow meshes and open surfaces. It offers a "Box Mode" for quick fragmentation. Support for mapping coordinates, material ID and normals.

Recompiled for 3DS Max version 2017 to 2021

You will find the full documentation (in pdf), the change_log and the plugin in the attached file

The REZN8 Productions MAXScript Control and Function Library

33 votes

The REZN8 Productions MAXScript Control and Function Library is a 3dsmax script plugin extension. This extension exposes a slew of methods and UI controls to the MAXScript language.

- Tab Control. Allows adding individual rollouts into a tabbed control.
- Splitter. Allows dragging and tracking both horizontally and vertically.
- CoolButton. Mouse over button with image support.
- Dialog Structure. The dialog structure is a wrapper struct for controlling createDialog with auto saving and loading of dialog positioning.


alf float controller

31 votes

float driven by a simple line quite handy for animation loop

display callback to spot the degenerated faces

30 votes

an utility for debug purpose , add a warning along a degenerated face normal this plugin is an utility plugin to register a drawing callback in 3ds max viewport the sorce code is also available


29 votes

The REZN8 Productions MAXScript / COM Bridge. This script and executable allows you to run scripts externally.

Install for Crimson Editor
0. Modify the entry in maxscript6.reg and or maxscript7.reg to point to the
directory where your 3dsmax.exe resides.
1. Place 'RegisterOLEControl.ms' into your folder.


29 votes

Here is a script extension to handle editable-patches with
maxscript : CryoPatch v1.1.0 It allows you to create and edit
any sub-object of a patch : vertices, vectors, mappings,
smoothings, and so on.


27 votes

...a high level MAXScript extension for Physique which allows for importing and exporting of nodes and weights.

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