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VoroFrag is a free modifier that allows to make voronoi fragmentation. It handles convex and concave objects, as well as hollow meshes and open surfaces. It offers a "Box Mode" for quick fragmentation. Support for mapping coordinates, material ID and normals.

Recompiled for 3DS Max version 2017 to 2021

You will find the full documentation (in pdf), the change_log and the plugin in the attached file

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2008 to 2021
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vorofrag_v2.5a.zip3.32 MB
vorofrag_2.5_2015-2021.zip2.72 MB


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Hello LittleLord,

First of all, thx for your work.
I just want to share a little script I wrote that add stretching options to VoroFrag plugin.

Link to download the script is in the description.


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Hello LittleLord! I have used

Hello LittleLord!

I have used vorofrag occasionally, and its by far my go-to tool for fragmentation.
Sadly more and more often I come across random crashes on meshes.
I always check if meshes are closed, no weird modifiers are present but often crashes on my (rather weird shapes having) meshes.
autobacks wont be able to load if vorofrag is the reason for the crash.

Since I dont know why these particular meshes are causing the crash I would like to send them to you!
Before doing so, I rather ask you here if you are interested in the meshes before I pm you a file.

using 3dsmax 2015 design x64.

Nontheless, I want to thank you for this tool, besides the crashes it has been an amazing workflow optimizer!

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I tried versions 2.0 - 2.5 - 2.5a and I receive a message of error in the max startup.
"Error loading DLLs"

*3ds max 2009 64 bits

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This is an essential feature for destruction

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VoroFrag 2.0

Many thanks for the reply, so will I have to go through the tutorials to check if the plugin is now working?

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Thanks for your report

I understand now that there could be some compatibility problems on 32 bit systems with the latest version 2.5

I don't know if other people have had this kind of issues already, but maybe because the 32 bit versions are not the most used today... (Proof that the latest version of 3dsMax are 64 bit only).

I will make a few tests with this file and will send later a corrected one.

For information, the plugin doesn't appear under the modifier menu, this is not a bug, it's only visible in the modifier list under the modifier stack.
If you need to see it in the modifiers menu, or even as a shortcut, there is many ways in 3ds Max to customize your interface. There are explanations in the official documentation and there are free tutorials on internet.
Best regards

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Hi, I've installed 2.0 and the software no longer errors, however the plugin does not appear as an option under "Modifiers"/"Mesh Editing" (as per attachment)

Any further ideas. Do you know if other people have had any issues?


3dmax_2013.doc 285.75 KB
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Can you try to install VoroFrag 2.0 32 bits and tell if it works ?

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I’m having trouble installing

I’m having trouble installing the Vorfrag plugin (VoroFrag_2013_2.5_32bits.dlm) for Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 (32bit) on W7 32bit PC. Every time I extract the file and place it in: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2013\stdplugs I get the attached error messages!

So just to be clear the PC is: W7 32 bit
We’re running Autodesk 2013 32 bit
The plugin I have extracted is: VoroFrag_2013_2.5_32bits.dlm
And the plugin is being installed in: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2013\stdplugs, as per PDF instructions.

Any one got any suggestions?

error_message.doc 68.45 KB
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I'm glad you solved it. It's true that VoroFrag's algorithm is sensitive to the overlapped faces ! As a rule of thumb, before applying any modifier on a base object, I often use the XView utility to check the integrity then I apply a "Reset XForm", collapse all and save the scene.
Good work !

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