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VoroFrag is a free modifier that allows to make voronoi fragmentation. It handles convex and concave objects, as well as hollow meshes and open surfaces. It offers a "Box Mode" for quick fragmentation. Support for mapping coordinates, material ID and normals.

Recompiled for 3DS Max version 2017 to 2021

You will find the full documentation (in pdf), the change_log and the plugin in the attached file

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2008 to 2021
Video URL: 
vorofrag_v2.5a.zip3.32 MB
vorofrag_2.5_2015-2021.zip2.72 MB


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Works brilliantly

Thanks for the update, it works brilliantly, and thanks for the plugin.

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Bug fixed

Now, the version 1.5 is really out !
The bug has been fixed and the stability with the custom particles greatly enhanced.
Of course, the plug-in is not perfect and I already found many possible optimizations that are not yet included in this version.
This will be the next step. For now, I've tried to make it more stable.

Thank you for your patience and have fun !

LittleLordPotala's picture

Sorry for this delay and error

After posting the new version, I've just found a big and stupid error concerning the hollow meshes...
I think it wouldn't be correct to share this plugin in its actual state.
So, it will come as fast as I can but I have many other things to do.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Thanks a lot for the link :)

LittleLordPotala's picture

@Garp :

OK, I understand but I cant help you with this version.
I suggest you to post your question on this forum : http://dl3d.free.fr/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=3

Garp's picture


Sorry for the confusion.

The question is because I haven't been able to do it (max SDK + VC++ Express).

LittleLordPotala's picture

A confusion

I'm not Martijn van Herk. I just noticed that he made a plug-in with the same name! It's an accident I'll change the name so there is no confusion.

@Garp: Why this question ?

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A side question.

Martijn, you wouldn't be using the Express edition of VS, by any chance?

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VoroFrag : Quick Preview of the next Version !

It's coming soon, maybe next week... There will be custom particles, new interface...

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Brilliant plug.
Thanks for sharing this awesome tool


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